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What I got for Christmas

Happy Christmas for yesterday everybody!! What did Santa bring you? I hope you got lots of lovely presents!

I had a great day, I woke up at half 7 ( I never get up at half 7. ) opened up presents with my boyfriend, relaxed for a little while, watched a christmas movie, had a bucks fizz with breakfast ( when else do people drink that early? It felt so weird, but enjoyable since it was Christmas ) and then headed out to see people. Came back home, my boyfriend Skyped his parents and then we made Christmas dinner, stuffed our faces and then we were dead for the rest of the evening, just snuggling watching fun things and then had a little browse online to see if there were any great sales going on!

Here are some pictures of my favourite things which I got for Christmas this year.
Enjoy ā¤

First of all, here is a picture of some mixed goodies I got from different people!

Next up we have some Soap & Glory products I have had my eye on for a while!
I also got these Nicky Clarke hair straighteners which I love, included was a paddle brush, combs and sectioning clips too which was a nice surprise and I liked that they included that.

I got given loads of socks but these two were my favourite. They are so soft and they are the cutest little pair of socks in the world!

My boyfriend got me Purr by Katy Perry what I have wanted ever since it came out. Its a beautiful sweet scent and I will do a review on it sometime during next month.

Next up is some St Tropez tan. I am a huge fake tan lover but have never ever tried St Tropez because its always been too expensive! I can not wait to put this on and see how I feel about it, I have heard so many positive things I am sure I will love it.

Last thing I am going to show you is the Real Techniques brush set which I am very happy to have! Included is a pointed foundation brush, a buffer brush ( which I have tried and I adore it already. ), a detailer brush and a contour brush. Sorry about the make up still on the brushes, I just couldn’t wait to try them out.

I got 50 pound off my boyfriend, plus a bit more money off other people too so I can not wait to go shopping! I also got a few more clothing items, gift sets, lots of sweets, more make up which I haven’t included, nail polishes, a mirror with built in daylight bulbs, a new handbag, notebook! I cant get my hands on a few of the items I just listed at the moment though as my boyfriends parents have them over in Dublin and I will not be seeing them for a while. I cant wait though! I still have people to see too so I am sure I will have more to come.

I am so over the moon with everything I have got, I have been so spoiled! I am sad Christmas is all over now though, I will miss the beautiful lights and decorations and the happy people feeling, but we only have to wait 12 months!


9 thoughts on “What I got for Christmas

  1. You got so many lovely gifts! I am jealous of the brushes, they seem so good and so many people love them! I would really like to hear a review on Estee Launder double wear, been interested in that foundation for a long time!

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