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Going from Brown to Blonde and how I did it.

I have bleached my hair many times in the past trying to get from brown to blonde. I have even visited the hairdressers and spent 70 pound to see if she could do it, but she couldn’t, every single time it failed and I was left with neon ginger hair which wasn’t the best look for me. I always ended up dying it back brown a few days later as I couldn’t find anything to go over the brassiness. Trying to go blonde was a never ending circle of FAILING.

So I gave up trying to get my hair to be blonde for about a year and a half but this Christmas day, I thought I would give it one last try and guess what? I succeeded.

Now I need to tell you that if you’re going to try to do this, you have to be 100% sure you want to do it, because you will need to bleach your hair and bleach is VERY damaging, your hair will be like straw and probably be very prone to falling out quite easily, so it will need lots of love and care and good conditioning for months afterwards.

So, below I am going to write down a list of everything I needed to make my hair blonde.

1 BOX B BLONDE POWDER BLEACH ( 4 sachets are included in this. )


STEP 1: use 1 sachet of your powder bleach and mix it with one bottle of cream peroxide, make sure you mix this properly so there is no lumps remaining and the mixture is very smooth.

Apply a generous amount of bleach to sections of your hair, working the mixture in and saturating each strand of hair, continue to do this until your whole head is covered leaving your roots to last, then clip up on top of your head and leave for an hour and a half and then wash out.

Your hair shall now be a lot lighter, but probably very ginger and yellow all over, don’t worry about it! This is completely normal, do not do anything to try and fix it, you will have to leave it like this until you next feel ready to bleach it ( you can leave it however long you want, I did the whole process in 3 days, the longer you leave it the better condition your hair will be left in. )

Do not bother drying it with a hairdryer, last thing your hair needs right now is heat! Put in lots of intensive conditioner and leave in for as long as possible, overnight would be a good idea.


Okay, so we are now going to try and eliminate the RED/BRASSY/GINGER tones and make it more YELLOW, to do this you’re going to have to bleach again.
So, when your hair is dry, repeat step 1, leaving the bleach for only an hour this time.


So now its time for the third bleach, I don’t think you will have noticed a major difference in the colour of your hair, it will still be looking the same, maybe slightly lighter!
Repeat step 1 all over again but only leave for an hour, your hair will probably be very knotty at this stage and hard to work with, so make sure you get a good hair oil to help make it softer and easier for the brush to go through.


Your hair should now be more yellow than red, you will still have some ginger tones running through and this is completely normal. Its now time to bleach for the last time just to make sure you have gotten your hair as yellow as it will go! Leave for one hour. ( Horray, no more bleaching! ) after you have finished and washed the bleach out, grab your toner and massage into hair and leave in overnight.


So, now your hair is as light as it will go, you need to dye it to help cover the yellow/slightly ginger colour. This is where your ASH hair dye comes in, make sure it is an ASH shade of blonde as this is more likely to take over your hair than other shades of blonde. I chose Medium Ash Blonde by Nice & Easy as I didn’t want a very light blonde, I wanted a nice natural blonde!

Apply to your hair, leaving for the maximum time the dye instructions allow and then wash off, you should now have blonde hair and the yellow/ginger tones should be 90% covered! If you can still see tones of orange/yellow then this is normal and next time you put a dye over your hair it should cover it, if it doesn’t, go down a shade.

Your hair will be pretty damaged at this point, mine was falling out if I tugged on it, so be very careful and for the next few months, condition it every day and sleep with conditioner in if you can, also cut out heat as much as possible, you need to really look after your hair for it to get into a good condition which will take a lot of time.

Here are some before and after pictures, I hope I helped and yours went as well as mine did!



Excuse the hideous dressing gowns, my flat is very cold at the moment and they are all I have!

I hope you like the colour, I think its a great result for doing it myself! I don’t think its a tacky blonde, its very nice and although it was a medium blonde, it looks very light!

Well, I hope this post helped you, and thanks for reading!



13 thoughts on “Going from Brown to Blonde and how I did it.

  1. oh wow, thank you!!! my hair is bright orange! I have sent the bf out to get the medium ash blonde. i really hope it turns out like yours and I will use lots of conditioner!! 🙂 thanks so much

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