No Clogs Allowed Soap & Glory review.

Good afternoon lovelies!

You probably seen in my Boots haul post that I decided to splash out on a face mask called No Clogs Allowed from Soap & Glory. The main reason I went for this is because it said its great for oily/greasy skin and I also have a few blackheads appearing around my nose and I thought this would be ideal.

The cost of this is 11 pound for 100ml which is quite expensive and not my usual budget! But the upside is you only need to use a grape sized amount once or twice a week so this should last you a while.

The consistency of the face mask is quite thick when its squeezed out of the tube but once its being rubbed into your face it changes to quite a thin layer which I found odd, I expected my face to have very high thick coverage but it was the opposite.The colour of the cream is a very very pale blue/white.

Whilst applying to the face, the cream warms up and you can really feel it whilst your massaging it into your face, I REALLY liked this part! I have never experienced that feeling with any other products and it made this face mask stand out.

The face mask has very smalls grain in which help to exfoliate and smooth skin, although these are barely noticeable and you can hardly feel them, they do a great job at removing dead/dry skin and making your face feel brand new.

You can either leave this mask on for 1 minute, or 5 minutes for a deeper clean. I have used this twice and left it on for around 5-10 minutes and unlike the typical face mask, this doesn’t harden on your skin/you cant peel it feels very lightweight and as if nothing is on your face.

I also got a small free sponge in mine which can be used to remove the face mask, I prefer to use my fingers and water though otherwise I don’t feel like I remove the product fully. It is nice of them to include a sponge though and I am sure a lot of people will adore it.

The results are amazing, I am really glad I invested in this. My face hasn’t been as oily as it usually is and I find my foundation is lasting that little bit longer without going shiny. The blackheads on my nose are also a lot less noticeable to myself and my face feels really smooth and clean and looks so bright.

I would highly recommend this product and I think its something I will continue to use/buy. It is really worth the money.

Hope you found what you needed in my review, if not and you would like to know something, leave a comment.



7 thoughts on “No Clogs Allowed Soap & Glory review.

  1. Sounds like a great mask. I love love love masks that warm up when you apply them. There is a sanctuary one that I really love which sounds similar. I might have to give this a try 🙂 xx

  2. Yay, thanks for posting this!! Sounds like a great mask. I have combination skin with an oily nose; I’m definitely going to buy this now. 🙂

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