Relaxing in the sun & The Hunger Games

Today I had such a relaxing day, I went to my parents because I needed to get out of the house because it was SO warm and the skies were just blue, need to take advantage of this great weather when it comes around.

I ended up sitting on the roof , don’t ask why, I just felt like it, a nice flat roof and lots of peace and quiet, perfect and relaxing with lots of comfy cushions and sheets and cold drinks and a good book, The Hunger Games. I really can’t recommend this book enough, I bought it because I love the movie but I had heard the books are much better and they really are, they are quite different to the movie and there is lots more interesting information within! I paid Β£7.00 on eBay for the whole Hunger Games collection, such a bargain and I can’t put my book down.

Who wouldn’t love sitting out here? I had a nice view of it from on top of the roof, my dad loves his gardening and it pays off!


Mmm, lemon ice lolly.

My beautiful little Scruffington.

My other baby, Tillington. I know, I know, they need haircuts. If my mum doesn’t cut them soon I will end up doing it myself and they don’t want that!

How is the weather where you are?



9 thoughts on “Relaxing in the sun & The Hunger Games

  1. It’s 60 degrees here. All the windows are open and air conditioning is for a change I’m loving it. It’s funny that you’re reading the Hunger Games on a roof, overlooking what could easily be the arena below, minus the furnishings. πŸ˜€

    1. Your comment made me laugh :p it wouldn’t be pretty if I was sat up there and the Hunger Games were happening below me. Nice to see you’re having good weather, I hope it stays that way, love sunshine!

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