No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick review – Waterlilly

Good evening beautiful readers 🙂

Today I will be bringing you a swatch of No7 Moisture Drench lipstick in the shade Waterlilly. Waterlilly is a medium pink shade with little specks of shimmer running through. The colour is very natural and can be worn with most make up looks.

The lipstick is really moisturising and doesn’t dry out your lips at all, it provides a lot of moisture and keeps your lips looking healthy and soft and shimmery. It is a long lasting lipstick and looks really fresh and vibrant throughout the day. I would highly recommend this lipstick if you’re looking for a slightly glossy finish and a bright pop of colour and something that can be worn on your lips all of the time.

No7 Moisture Drench is available in many different shades and retails at £9.50 in Boots!

What do you think of the colour?



7 thoughts on “No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick review – Waterlilly

    1. Aw, that made me smile, thanks! And I have no idea how they turn out so well, my camera is very cheap and quite rubbish to be honest, I just try to get as much light in as possible and keep my hands as still as I can because the pictures go blurry so easily. x

  1. This is a gorgeous color! I’m now following you! 😀 Lucy

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