Online shopping haul – New Look, Boohoo & eBay 2013

Hi everybody!

I hope you have all had a nice weekend so far. I would really love if the weather was to improve, last week it was so sunny but already, the rain and grey skies are back and it looks as though they are here to stay, I really want to wear my new sunglasses!

Over the last week I have done a lot of shopping online ( thank god for shopping online, a life saver when you have anxiety! ) and most of it came in the post today so I thought I would make a post showing you what I got.

First up, from New Look:

If you remember from my shoe post a few weeks back, you will remember I was after a pair of new ankle boots! I seen these and fell in love, they’re perfect. The chunky heel is so sturdy and a great height and they are so casual and will go with so many different outfits. They were only £24.99, such a bargain!


Next up from New Look, I bought two pairs of sunglasses. They are both pilot/aviator style and I chose them because I have no sunglasses and I thought we would be having a lot more sunshine ( oh god I pray we get some more. ) One of the pairs has white detail on the frame, these were £4.99, the other pair of sunglasses are quite plain and simple, they have a thin gold edge and they were £2.99.


I am a sucker for pretty lingerie and when I seen this coral/orange balconette bra ( New Look ) it was screaming my name. The bra was only £9.99 and it was such a bargain! It is a perfect fit and SO comfortable, the print is also the cutest, birds and flowers and a gorgeous tiny bow in the center. I can not believe I paid so little for it. The only bad thing is, is although it is described as balconette, once you get it in person it doesn’t really look like a balconette bra!


Lastly from New Look I picked up two strappy vests for £2.50 each. Vests are basic clothing items every girl should have a few of!  I can never take good photos of vests so I just took a close up of the colours, a nudey peach and a coral pink.


Next up, was Boohoo. Well, let me just say that one pair of boots wasn’t enough. I seen these studded heeled boots on the Boohoo outlet and they were only 12.50! I obviously couldn’t resist. After I had ordered them I was worried I had made a mistake and thought I would hate them once they got here, but they look so much better in person than they did on the Boohoo picture. I LOVE them, I have wanted a studded pair of boots for a while and these are a great alternative to the £75.00 studded pair of ankle boots I originally wanted.


I shop around a lot on eBay because I really think you can find some amazing bargains on there in all the private little shops. I came across an eBay store called Bypublicdemand and spotted these crochet espradrilles and they were on sale for £5.00 including post and packaging reduced from £22.00!  I accidentally ordered them in a size 7 ( usually a size 6 ) but I couldn’t be bothered returning them and I wore them last night, they’re so comfortable but a little big, really wish I hadn’t of got mixed up, ah well, I may order another pair for my birthday.


I also got two vest from Primark and one oversized t-shirt from eBay, all brand new with tags.

What have you bought lately? Have you found any bargains?



4 thoughts on “Online shopping haul – New Look, Boohoo & eBay 2013

  1. Hello! I would like to notify you, that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award, because I love your blog! 🙂 Please go to my blog for details!

  2. how come you write ‘vest’ instead of ‘vests’? If something is plural is should have an ‘s’ on the end. I have noticed this a few times throughout your blog, and while I know it’s not the biggest issue in the world but it does make it quite annoying to read. I hope I don’t sound too harsh as I do enjoy reading your blog, this is just meant as constructive criticism from a Grammar Nazi.

    1. Hello 🙂
      I’m not great with my grammar. I didn’t attend school much due to bullying so missed out on years of education and my grammar is something I have only begun to get to grips with in the last couple of years and I know I still have a long way to go. Thank you though, for letting me know. Having these things pointed out to you is a good way of helping out, so hopefully within time I will get better with my plurals.

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