Nail polish swatches. MUA, REVLON AND BARRY M.

Good afternoon to anybody who happens to be reading.

Last week I was on the Superdrug website and purchased about 40 new make up items. Included in my cosmetic haul was a few new nail polishes I loved the look of. For my first proper post I thought why not give you a look at some of the colours I got and let you know my thoughts on them? Please enjoy!

Please note that the above picture was taken in the brightest room in my house with no flash.

Please note above picture was taken in the brightest room in my house beside the window with no flash.

Please note that this final picture was taken outside on a partly cloud day with no flash.


I have never heard of Nail Pop but then I seen it in Superdrug on a 2 for 6 pound offer and couldn’t resist as the colour is absolutely stunning. The price alone is £6.00 which is very pricey for a nail polish but I really think this one is worth every single penny.

I love my pastel shades and I own quite a few but have never seen this kind of blue before in a nail polish. It is an expensive looking baby powder blue mixed with a dark cyan colour which is just adorable. The nail polish has a fantastic texture and only 2 coats are needed for a shiny opaque finish. The polish dries quickly and I have had it on my nails for just over a day and there is no sign of chipping.


I love Barry M nail polishes. They have an amazing range of colours and if you want a cheap but cheerful nail polish these are the people to go to.  For only £3.99 you can get a high end product for a low price which gives an amazing finish. Lemon Ice Cream is a light creamy yellow pastel colour which gives a matte look that last for days on end with no chipping and no fading.


I actually already own this shade but this brand new bottle came in a gift set. I am not 100% sure on the price but I think it is around £7.99 when sold separately. The colour is the perfect girly colour, it is a shade of light-medium magnenta and would work well with any skin tone. The nail polish has good coverage with 2 coats and gives a glossy finish.


Could anybody resist such beautiful colours at only £1.00 each? I think anybody would pick these up if they seen them on the shelves in the shop even if they didn’t like nail polish that much!

The colours I chose were a light pastel lilac colour and a light mint green colour. I actually can’t say anything bad about these at all, they’re a lot better than some higher priced products that I already own.  It takes 3 coats and you have a streak free opaque finish.


Thanks for reading, any questions? Want to comment? Feel free to leave one below!



7 thoughts on “Nail polish swatches. MUA, REVLON AND BARRY M.

  1. MUA looks EXACTLY like the Essie bottle! That’s crazy. Essie is obviously more expensive though. I really love the composition of your photo! It’s so great, especially arranging the typography the way you did. I’m impressed – very cool! 🙂

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