What I got for Christmas

Now first of all, like all other people who blog about this certain topic, I just want to say I am not bragging. Of course I am delighted with everything which was given to me at Christmas, but I am not showing off and I am not making this post to shove my Christmas gifts into your face. I am making this post because I enjoy reading similar post, like writing about them and thought others would be interested, so if you’re interested in these kind of post then continue to read on, but if you’re not then please don’t leave any unnecessary rude comments. They will just be deleted and ignored.

So, Merry Christmas everybody! I hope yesterday was wonderful and you had some amazing food, lots of presents to open, had at least a couple of glasses of alcohol and just had an all together awesome, happy day.

I woke up at half 6 yesterday. I was like a baby and couldn’t sleep all night because I was really excited. I jumped into the shower as soon as I got up so my hair would be dry for when I left for my parents later on in the morning. Then at around 7, my partner got up with me and we went downstairs and opened our presents.

This year was really exciting for me because all my presents were surprises. Usually I know exactly what I’m getting but this year we both decided to just surprise each other and I can honestly say my partner did an absolutely perfect job at getting me things I am in love with.

So here is a picture I took of all my presents ( the ones which were under the tree on Christmas morning! )

To say I was spoiled is an understatement. I got all of this, plus more PLUS a very generous amount of money which I am half way through spending on a Boots and Superdrug and eBay haul already.. and a few days earlier my partner had surprised me with a huge Primark Christmas haul ( separate post on the Primark clothing coming up shortly )

Most of this was from my partner although there are a few other things thrown in from other people too.

So, here a few up close pictures!

DO YOU SEE THAT?! DO YOU BLOODY SEE THAT?! THAT, MY FRIENDS, IS VIKTOR & ROLF – FLOWERBOMB PERFUME! I have wanted this for SO long and I did not expect to see that under my tree. I still can’t believe that I own it! Next to it, is KILLER QUEEN – KATY PERRY which is a lovely scent and another perfume I have wanted for a few months. These two were probably my favourite presents!

Next up is a SOAP & GLORY – THANK INSIDE THE BOX gift set. Inside this you get a mini SCRUB ‘EM AND LEAVE ‘EM body scrub, a mini CLEAN GIRLS shower wash, full size THE DAILY SMOOTH body butter and a shower puff. I also got a SPRING BLOSSOM gift set. I have never heard of the brand before but I used the shower creme and body scrub in the shower yesterday and they are actually pretty impressive products. There is also a cute polka dot TIGER – BATH GLOVE.

I am an enormous fan of anything that has a shabby chic feel, so when I opened up these cute little storage drawers I was very happy. The quality of them is fantastic and there is a generous amount of room in the drawers for me to store things like lip products, bobbles and hair clips etc. I’m always looking for ways to improve the way my dressing table ( or should I say an awful computer desk with lots of pictures stuck on to make it look better..)  looks so these will come in handy. I believe they are from http://www.livelaughlove.co.uk/3-Drawer-Jewellery-Box-Heart-Design.html if you’re interested.

I have an obsession with owls so here are two cuddly owl toys. Just kidding, they are slippers! OSWOLD OWL SLIPPERS are from MONSTER SLIPPERS and they are wonderful, so comfortable and warm and plush. The cutest pair of slippers I have ever owned, the only problem is my pup finds them hard to resist.

I got a few little cosmetics and a mini handbag mirror which is magnified inside which is great because in my right eye I have very little sight and in my left eye everything is just blurry and difficult to make out so this will come in handy for those moments when you need to pluck your brows. But yes, there are just a few little glosses, a chocolate eyeliner and a raspberry owl lip balm.


I got a lot more presents but don’t want to make this post too picture heavy so will leave the photos out, but the things which are not included in the pictures are: Disney socks, two pairs of FOREVER 21 pyjamas, a lot of Primark clothes, too much chocolate and fudge, a mini purse, a knit your own scarf set, bath bombs, a leopard print towel turban and money.

I had a really good day yesterday which I’m pleased about. My partner loved all his presents that I got him; a paella gift set which contained lots of spices, cook book, rice and a big paella dish. Two more cook books, Football Manager 2014, NIKE T-shirt top and joggers set to lounge around in, some more joggers, a huge dairy milk chocolate bar and something else I can’t remember.
I managed to walk down to my parents to give them their presents, came back and me and my partner both prepared dinner, had lots to drink, watched movies and played games and just relaxed and then collapsed into bed.

Here are just a few other pictures from the day..

Starters – Smoked salmon with asparagus wrapped in parma ham. Simple but delicious!

We had roast chicken instead of turkey, which we covered with streaky bacon. A meat stuffing, roasted carrots and parsnips. Sprouts, peas and cabbage with parma ham. Roast potatoes in goose fat and lots of creamy mash.

Dobby enjoyed christmas wrapping paper on Christmas morning more than he enjoyed his own puppy stocking!

So, there is my post for today. Look out for my Christmas PRIMARK HAUL and a few other hauls over the next week which I will be making a post about.

Merry Christmas for yesterday and a happy 2014!



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