I know that a lot of people who read my blog are interested in nail art, so I thought this post would come in useful if you’re new to the world of nails and don’t know where to start and don’t want to spend a fortune.

For a very low cost, you can get everything you need to start you on your nail journey.

Here is a quick picture that was taken earlier, just showing a few of my nail art essentials. The total cost of everything in this picture was only £14.88!


Nail polish – Obviously if you want to do nail art, you will need nail polish for your designs. I find MUA £1.00 nail polishes are incredible for the low price. You can also try ELF or NYC polishes if you’re not wanting to spend too much. Speaking from experience of using these polishes, they are very pigmented and long lasting and better than some higher priced polishes.

Nail brush set – Nail brush sets are something you need to have when you’re doing nail art. You can pick these basic nail brush sets up for very low prices. I got a big set ( the one in the picture ) from eBay for only £2.50. You get a huge selection of brushes to help you create a whole variety of looks.

Dotting tool – I got a set of six dotting tools ranging from very tiny to very large from eBay for £1.99. I love dotting tools as they come in handy for making more than just dots on your nail. I find them useful when drawing certain designs on my nails,  like hearts and flowers. You can also use things you have lying around your house like the end of a bobby pin if you don’t want to buy them.

Fake practice hand and nails – These items are not essential for your nail art, but I love having these items and I find that it is easier to practice on false nails rather than on my own. I think this is because my nails are quite damaged and I like getting myself used to working on somebody else. Because the nails are not my own, I don’t have to worry about my nail art smudging too which is a bonus.

Nail art decorations – If you have a look around on Amazon or eBay you can find so many nail art decorations. Everything from fino canes and slices to huge stick on bows and mini pots of glitter. These are important if you’re wanting to create lots of fun and bold, interesting and stand out looks.

Nail polish remover – Another necessary item is nail polish remover. This comes in handy to clean up any little mistakes and take off your nail polish when you’re finished with your look. You can pick up nail polish remover almost anywhere!


These important products will last you a long time and the only thing that will need replacing will be the optional false nails on which you practice your nail art. But these are so cheap to pick up every month or two so you’re still spending very little. You might also need or want new nail polish, but there are some excellent quality nail polish brands out there and you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Have fun getting into the world of all things pretty and nails. Soon your nail polish collection will be enormous!



  1. I just recently became obsessed with nail art and manicures, so this is a great tutorial and starting point for me! Never thought about using the end of a bobby pin as a dotting tool. And I do agree that a lot of the less expensive nail polishes out there—are just as good as the high end ones and sometimes even better. Thanks for the post!

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