Hi guys!

I’m sorry that I have been missing in action for a while. About a month or so ago, my camera decided to stop working so I decided to take a break from blogging for a while as I’m not a fan of blogs with no personal pictures involved. The good news is, I got a new camera this morning so I’m ready to get stuck back in and share with you some of my latest purchases!

I adore all things shabby chic. I especially like shabby chic when it has a modern feel to it.. and as I was browsing around Home Bargains and Poundstretcher I came across lots of beautiful decor I just had to buy.

I love places like Home Bargains and Poundstretcher as they offer a huge variety of items at affordable prices. Their home ranges just blow me away as you really wouldn’t expect them to sell such amazing products that are so budget friendly!

Most of the items I am going to show you were purchased less than a week ago but if I include something which was purchased further back I will let you know under the picture.

So, enough rambling and here we go:


This owl plaque was only £3.99 and looks incredible by my fireplace!

The candle is from Primark and was £1.00 and the Willow Tree figurine was purchased from Argos about a year ago, I’m unsure of the price and whether or not it is still available.


Next up from Home Bargains is this stunning metal wall decor LOVE sign. It was priced at £11.99 but when scanned it turned out it was only £8.00 which I was delighted with. I love the 3D effect it gives and the cute flower pattern.


I adore this floral heart frame which is from Poundstretchers and had a price tag of £9.99. It is quite big and holds 6 photos and is really well built. This is probably one of my favourite purchases in a long time.

To give you a better idea of the size I thought I would include this picture:


The bird design wall decor which is in the centre is from Home Bargains and I don’t think it is available in store anymore as I bought it last year and couldn’t see it when when I was looking around last week. It was only around 10 pounds. I think these three pieces of wall decor really compliment each other beautifully and make a really bold statement wall.


I bought this simple wall plaque from Poundstretchers for £1.99 and hung it above my bed. It’s very cute and adds a small, sweet and soft look to my very plain bedroom.


This vintage looking lampshade with diamond and leaf detail cost £12.99 from Poundstretchers. For the price I was shocked because you expect to pay at least £30.00 or more for something like this elsewhere.

The vanilla diffuser was bought back in November 2013 from Poundstretcher for 5 pounds and has lasted so well, still around half left and has a scent that is strong enough to fill a small room. I’m unsure if they still stock them but if you do ever see them in store I would pick one up as they are worth every penny. I actually got one from Primark not even a month ago and it ran out within 3 weeks and the scent was a bit strange but this one has lasted for about 5 months is still going strong!

The silver diamond frame is also from Poundstretcher and was bought back in November 2013 for around 1 pound. They still have these in store and are available in different sizes.


This welcome hanging sign is from Poundstretcher and was priced at £1.99. I bought this a few months ago but this product is still in stores and comes with different words in the middle like love, home etc


This is a small strong cardboard paper bin and is from Home Bargains. The price was only 2 or 3 pounds and it is very pretty and does the job pretty well. I bought this in November 2013 but they are still in store and they also have a light pink version too if you don’t like the white colour.


Next up is this very striking blue, white and grey floral style rug from Poundstretcher. Price is £9.99 for this beauty. I have had a rug in a similar style from Poundstretcher before but sadly I have had to move it into a different room as our puppy managed to ruin it with his muddy paws so a new rug was needed and as soon as I saw this one I fell in love and I shall make sure that Dobby doesn’t manage to ruin this like he did with the previous one.


I thought I would include this wooden heart sign which is from Primark and was around 3 pounds. I got this a month ago so I’m unsure whether it is still in store. There is also a cute white owl decoration hanging on the nail which is a gift from Amazon. Again, I think this was only around 3 or 4 pounds.


So there is my post for today and I hope you enjoyed it. I’m very glad to be logged back into my account and blogging again. I will make sure I catch up on lots of your blogs I may have missed in my WordPress reader.

Where do you shop for affordable homeware? Do you like any of the items I purchased?



    1. Thanks for the welcome back 🙂 and yes, I think the time off has made me more focused and determined to do well with my blog. I’m glad you like the frame, it’s even more pretty in person!

    1. Thank you! Ah that sucks that they don’t have it on their website. I find that a lot with Poundstretcher.. so much more choice available in store. I have no idea if they ship to the Netherlands, I’m looking on their website now but they don’t seem to have much info 😦 hope you find something similar and thank you for the follow 🙂

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