Good morning everybody!

I own a few of the matte lipsticks by Kate Moss for Rimmel but shade 101 is by far my favourite colour. A light, dusky and smooth soft pink which is natural enough to wear during the day without being too in your face but striking enough to catch peoples attention.

The pigmentation in 101 is incredible. One swatch delivers an opaque and velvety finish and from here onwards you can continue to build up the colour for a more intense pink without the lipstick becoming cakey or dry on your lips.

I wouldn’t say the lipstick is completely matte, probably more semi matte as there is a little glow after applying but this doesn’t take away from the beauty of the lipstick.

I can happily wear this lipstick for 3 or so hours before it wears off, so longevity isn’t too bad for the price. I find that the lipstick tends to fade from my lips instead of going all uneven and blotchy like others have done in the past which is great because you’re not left with a strange unattractive lip look.

The price of these lipsticks are around £5.49 each and while they are certainly not cheap, they are affordable and are worth every penny because they deliver such a delightful finish.

Overall, I would highlight recommend these to all you beauty lovers. Especially if you’re a lipstick junkie.

kate moss scbf 1 Kate Moss scbf jATE  MOSS Kate Mosss sswatch


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