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Imperial Leather Foamburst body washes are something which have only really caught my attention in the last few months. I’d never taken notice of them before but over the last few months I’ve seen Foamburst continuously popping up over social media with lots of people talking about how amazing they are, so I was really interested in trying them out.

The price for a can of Foamburst is £3.15 which is a little on the pricey side for Imperial Leather since personally, they have never really been a brand that have stood out and amazed me. But luckily Boots had a great offer on which was 2 cans of Foamburst for £4.00 and before I knew it I had put two into my basket.

I decided to go for the Honey and Almond body wash and Rebalancing Green Tea and Jasmine body wash as most of the other fragrances which I loved the sound of were out of stock *sobs into pillow* WHY DO THIS TO ME BOOTS? HOW CAN THE INTERNET BE OUT OF STOCK? *sobs even harder into pillow*

I’m currently using the Green Tea and Jasmine Foamburst so my review will be based on my experience with this.

Unlike the typical plastic body wash containers, Foamburst comes in a sleek and smooth black can which holds 200ml of product. These cans are shaped perfectly with a slight curve in the middle so you can get a good grip on them even with wet hands whilst you’re showering.

The can has an aerosol type top which you simply press down on to release the product. Oh my god, this was so much fun to try out for the first time. One spray releases a clear and firm gel which after a few seconds turns into a fluffy and light ball of foam. You then massage it into damp skin and it feels incredible. The foam thickens up and distributes over my skin extremely well. A little of this product goes a very long way and you’re left with a soft and creamy foamy heaven that really leaves you feeling squeaky clean and adds a touch of luxury to your everyday shower.

The only thing that disappointed me with this product, was the fragrance. There wasn’t much of a smell when using this particular one, just a slight hint of jasmine but that was all I could smell. I think this could just be because green tea and jasmine are quite delicate fragrances, so maybe my experience with other Foamburst will be better if I opt for a stronger and bolder fragrance.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with my purchase. And I definitley think Foamburst will be a regular item in my shower routine.

Have you tried them? Or do you prefer other brands?

foamburst foamburst 1



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