A big warm hello from me 🙂

I’ve decided, that once a month I’m going to purchase something for under £3.00 that I love and then show you pictures, write a little something about it and tell you where I bought it from. My latest purchase has inspired me to do this and I really think it will be a fun monthly post and best of all, you don’t have to spend too much money.

This month, my £3.00 and under must-have is this sweet and bright pastel watch which I purchased from eBay for the total cost of £1.32! The watch was shipped from Hong Kong, so it did take around 14 days for delivery. I don’t really mind the delivery time, but I know some people may find it frustrating so I thought I would pop that info in here.

 Click here if you’d like to see the page I purchased the watch from on eBay: Mint Green Geneva Watch


Isn’t it so pretty? I adore the colour. It’s a mint green/blue pastel colour. There is also some gold detailing on the watch, mainly around the face area and I’m really in love with it. I’m usually not a huge fan of gold but it is so delicate and works against the mint colour very well. The straps are made of rubber, they are strong and are just what you’d expect when you’re expecting a rubber strap I guess. I’ve had the watch about 2 weeks now and I’ve got plenty of use out of it and it works perfectly. It comes with batteries, so you don’t need to buy any and it is ready to use pretty much straight away, just change the dial to the correct time and it is perfect.


The three small dials in the middle are just a flat print and don’t work. I guess these are just used for decoration to make the watch look good. The big dial around the face works correctly which is all I want really as I’m not interested in those other bits. 

I think the seller has other colours on their page so if you don’t like the colour I’ve chosen just send them a message or have a quick look through their items and I’m sure you will come across one you like.

Overall, I’m very impressed. What more could you want for £1.32?

Do you wear watches? What is something that you’ve picked up at a ridiculously low price? Any bargains to share with me?!


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