I think I have a problem. I’m obsessed with MUA cosmetics.

I haven’t had a good splurge in a while and decided last week that I needed ( or should I say wanted? ) some new eyeshadows. As usual, I got a little too carried away and ended up adding a few more items into my basket. The total cost of what you’re going to see in this blog post cost me less than twenty pounds which is money well spent in my eyes!


How pretty are the eyeshadows? I love the colours and I like that they all compliment each other beautifully when blended together. I thought the pinks and browns would be a nice change for the Autumn and Winter months. They are very pigmented and long lasting and blend like a dream. I might do a little tutorial with them over the next few weeks with some pictures to show you just how good they are.


I’ve had my eyes on this baked bronzer for a few weeks now. I’m really into products that add a little glow to the skin and this is perfect for doing just that. I love the different tones in the bronzer and the dewy shimmer it leaves on my skin.

I already own a highlighting powder from MUA in the shade Pink Shimmer which I love so it was only natural that I would want to try out the other shade. I find the Iridescent Gold much more intense than the Pink Shimmer highlighter. I’m a big fan of the gold shade but I do think it is a little too shimmery for everyday wear. I’ll only be reaching for this on those special occasions!


Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the Lilac Belle shade? I haven’t stopped wearing this lipstick. It’s the most adorable colour I’ve ever seen.


Finally, we have two newly released Luxe Lip Laquers in the shade A Flush and Serene.

I’m sorry that I don’t have swatches of the lip products but I haven’t had the time to try all of them out and the lighting drastically changed while I was finishing off taking these photos so it would of been a difficult task getting some true to life colour swatches. Don’t worry, I’ll be writing a more in depth review of these products with swatches sometime in the next week.

If you’d like to try out some MUA products make sure to check out their website

If you haven’t tried out this brand, make sure you do! You won’t regret it.


7 thoughts on “MUA HAUL & SWATCHES

  1. I’ve never tried anything from MUA, but I heard the LUXE glosses are really lovely. I’d love to see some pictures of you wearing them – as well as the eyeshadows 🙂
    Lovely photos
    Jamie xox

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment 🙂 I tried out the the lip laquers today and I think they are fabulous. A tad on the dry side, but if you make sure your lips are exfoliated before using them then the dryness isn’t really an issue. They give great colour pay off! I’ll be writing a blog post soon so make sure you check back 🙂

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