Good afternoon everybody 🙂

A very quick post today. I thought I’d share with you my dressing table area. I rent a house, and I have to make do with the furniture that came with it. I’ve always wanted a dressing table but sadly I was left with a boring, plain desk. I decided to try and add a personal touch to the desk by using things like pretty wooden signs and photo frames and even wallpaper.

I thought maybe this post would give some of you some inspiration. If you’ve got an old bland desk or a dressing table, think about what you could turn that into. It doesn’t have to be expensive. The wooden sign I used was £1.99 from Poundstretcher and the teal and white wallpaper was only £2.99 from eBay for a huge role. Go out shopping, have a look online and don’t forget to reuse things like food containers, candle jars and even plant pots. Grab some paint and crafty bits and let your imagination run wild.

I hope you’re all having a lovely day! I’d love to see how you store your makeup so leave me a link to your blog or tell me about it in the comment section!



  1. Such a great post & your make-up/dresser desk looks fantastic! I love the personal touches 🙂 Plants and candles make almost any area look great and I love the little personal knick-knacks.
    At the moment I’m using two cosmetic bags and a large beauty box, but I have a really old chest of drawers that I would love to paint and bring back to life. It’s only a small set but it would be perfect for inner makeup compartments along with a nice mirror on top… I might just make it my winter project seeing as you’ve inspired me 🙂

      1. I certainly will!!!! They’re only a small set and worth absolutely nothing if I was to sell them but they were my baby drawers so a bit sentimental 🙂 Really looking forward to attempting it now hehe X

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