I think I speak for most of us when I say a log cabin at the back of our gardens decorated however we want would be a little piece of heaven. It is something I hope to one day have myself. I love the idea of having a cabin with my personal stamp on it, a room that belongs to me where I can go to escape the stress of the day.

As soon as I came across the Style a Shed Challenge I knew that I had to be involved. I’m always browsing around online looking at decor that I wish I could decorate my house with. I knew straight away what sort of style I was going to go for;  tranquil and elegant. I’m a big fan of shabby chic with a modern twist but sadly for me, my partner doesn’t feel the same way so I can never go as feminine and bold as I’d like to when I’m decorating our house. However, that wouldn’t be an issue if I had a log cabin for myself. This cabin would be my escape, somewhere I’d go while I browse the internet or catch up with friends, read a book and pamper myself. Somewhere cosy and warm where I can relax and take some time out for myself.

The cabin would be very feminine with lots of neutral colours, think nude, cream, white. I’d always have a colourful bouquet of flowers to add a touch of freshness and brightness to the room. If you read my blog often then you probably know I really like owls and I’m obsessed with quotes so without a doubt there would be small owl decor pieces and meaningful quote canvases hanging from the walls. I’d surround myself with multi photo frames to bring me comfort and remind me of those special memories. I love rugs and for me they are a must have because I feel like they tie the whole room together, a cream fluffy rug would look beautiful against the soft colours in the cabin.

During the day I wouldn’t need lights as the windows in the cabins would stream all of the light inside. But come night, I would switch on tall lamps and switch on fairy lights that I would string around the walls. I’d light my scented candles and lie back on a comfortable sofa with a throw and be in my own heaven.

A girl can dream right?

If you’re looking for a log cabin or just want to browse around then make sure to check out

How would you feel about a log cabin at the back of your house?


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