Good evening!

So it is that time again where I share with you my £3.00 and under must have of the month. This month is something beauty related, something I’m sure you’ll love, especially if you’re a lipstick addict like myself.


If you follow this link: you can purchase a clear acrylic lipstick holder that holds 24 of your lipsticks for only £2.21 with FREE delivery!

I picked up two of these for myself and they are everything you could want for the price. I used to store my lipsticks on top of each other in a plastic tub which was messy and time consuming when I was looking for a certain lipstick. I wasn’t expecting high quality for the price, but I’ve had these for around 6 months and they are so durable. The lipstick holder fits the majority of my lipsticks in easily but I have to tell you that I have had issues fitting in chunky square shaped lipsticks and I’ve found that the Sleek lipsticks tend to be a tight squeeze. However, despite these issues I couldn’t be without a lipstick holder now, I love how organised and neat my lipsticks are.

I understand that a lot of you are probably already aware of these lipstick holders, but maybe some of you haven’t heard of them or haven’t seen any that are budget friendly.

If you do go ahead and order these I’d just like to remind you that they ship from Hong Kong so the delivery can be a little slow. I usually receive my items within 2 weeks of the purchase date. I’d recommend buying them from outside of the UK as you will be paying at least double the price if you want them within 2-3 days.

What bargains have you found lately? Do you like acrylic storage?



      1. Madness – but good madness lol I have an old dresser I’m going to paint and spruce up for my make-up and girly stuff, I think these will work perfect with it – so glad you posted this, feeling inspired now 😀 K x

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