A few weeks ago the was looking for bloggers to work with to review some of their products. Christmas is nearly here and is my favourite time of the year so I sent over some contact details and website stats and a few days later a box arrived at my door. The decorations came in a plain brown cardboard box which was securely packaged. I was so excited to open up my box and discover what was inside!

So what did I receive?


Natural Linen Pocket Washing Line Advent Calendar with Felt Numbers 

Out of all the items I received, this advent calender is my favourite. Usually at Christmas I’ll have a chocolate calender but I much prefer the idea of one like this. It looks enchanting on the wall and can be reused year after year which can make it a cheaper alternative to other calenders. The pockets are generously sized for you to put a few treats in for members of your household. The linen calender is well made and has 24 pockets which are decorated with intense black numbers and cute festive designs like snowmen and stags and even wood to add to the natural feel this advent calender has. I’m really impressed by this item and from now on I’ll always be hanging this on the wall around Christmas.


Set of Two Natural Linen Gift Bags with Stag Designs & Set of Two Natural Linen Christmas Stockings with Stag Designs

Next up we have some stockings. I love how laid back and natural these are while still having a festive feel. I think these would be great to put gifts in for young teens and adults. I like how they are little bit different than the usual red and green bright stockings. I love the quality and the affordable price tag.. they are durable and I can’t wait to fill them with some goodies!


Set of Four Frosty White Star Christmas Tree Decorations / Set of Three Hanging White Snowflake Decorations

If you like sparkle on your Christmas tree then you will love these. They are bright white and full of silver glitter that sparkles in all kinds of light. I love the idea of having these on the Christmas tree, they are so festive and the snowflakes are huge and so eye catching. Both of these are made from lightweight plastic which is quite delicate so I’d take extra care when storing them away as they may become damaged easily.


Set of Six Wooden Penguin Christmas Tree Decorations / Small & Large Faux Snowball Christmas Display Confetti Set

Last up we have some adorable wooden penguin Christmas decorations and some snowballs.

I love the sweetness of the penguin decorations. They are charming and have small silver bells attached to the string to make them extra festive. The set of six penguins are all designed differently so no two are the same. What isn’t to love when you see these penguins hanging from your tree?

Moving onto the snowballs I wasn’t too sure what to think. I thought they were cotton balls but when I opened them up I could feel the difference and these will last a lot longer and are stronger so wouldn’t break up and leave fluff like cotton balls would. I can’t use these sadly as my dog would eat them, but if you have children or want to add a festive look to a display or under your Christmas tree then these will go down a treat.


So let me finish this post up by saying a huge thank you to for letting me work with you. I’ve found your website to be safe and genuine and full of hundreds of perfect items.

Make sure you check out their website and admire all the festive goodness they have!





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