Good evening everybody!

I came across a competition earlier today to win some gift vouchers and I loved the idea of it and needed to be involved. Basically, you have to take a picture of your favourite thing about Autumn and write a blog post about it and then link Sykes Cottages to your blog post. If you’re interested in more details about this competition, make sure you check out this website and don’t forget to link me to your posts so I can have a look at what you love about Autumn.

The best bit about Autumn for me is candles. Now that this time of the year is upon us, my house is beginning to fill up and overload with every kind of candle you could possibly imagine. The big ones, the small ones, the scented ones, the tall ones. Every kind of candle I am more than happy to have in my life during this time of the year.

I think my very favourite thing about them, is the ambiance they create during these cold and dark Autumn months. I find that if I light a few candles the feel of the room completely changes. I feel much more relaxed, comforted. The room feels homely and warm. I love how these simple candles add a little extra happiness into my day.

I always try to pick up scented candles as there is nothing like coming into a room that is filled with the scent of your chosen candle. My current favourite is a set of red berry tealight candles that I picked up from Poundstretchers for £0.99 🙂 the smell reminds me of the run up to Christmas with all the delicious food that goes around! 

When the candles come out in my house, Autumn is here and that makes me feel incredibly happy. The candles are a sign that my favourite time of the year has arrived.




  1. LOVE your candles, I’m blooming obsessed with them right now – if you have an Ikea nearby check them out too, their candles are fab & some beautiful fragrances too! Karen x

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