Good afternoon lovelies!

Can you believe we are nearly in December? Christmas will soon be here and I think I can correctly say that many of us are still putting together presents for our loved ones and thinking about what to surprise them with. kindly messaged me a few weeks ago asking if I’d like to review and show you some of their amazing products. I’ve used ToxicFox in the past and I’ve browsed their website many times and I’ve always been nothing but impressed so I had to say yes.

If you’re not already aware of then you need to check out their website. They specialise in unique and personalised gifts for people of all ages. The website is easy to navigate through and from the vibrant front page you will find hundreds of gifts which start at very budget friendly prices. Whether you’re wanting to find a gift for your newborn or whether you’re looking for a memorable gift for your granddad you’ll be sure to find the perfect present within Toxicfox. As if this company wasn’t already great enough, they have created some gift guide videos to make buying presents even easier. In these videos you’ll find inspiration and informative conversations about some wonderful presents! You can find these videos on the website and here on Youtube:

Now moving onto the gifts I was sent..


Typography of Love Collection

The TOL collection is simply beautiful. These are the kind of gifts that are perfect for everybody. You are able to pesonalise items such as cushions, frames and even mugs to give as presents or keep for yourself.

I decided to go for the simple heart matt frame which I personalised with the names of my partner, myself and our dog. I kind of wanted this frame to be something that symbolised our home and my relationship and I think it is perfect.

You are able to personalise these items with up to 10 words of your choice. I’ve been very impressed with my item so far. The whole thing is high quality and you can tell that this has been made with love. If you want a gift that is sentimental and meaningful, then TOL is something you should consider.

bagc cdetail

The ClaireaBella Collection –

I’m sure if you watch TOWIE or are up to date and keen on the latest celebrity fashion then you will have heard of ClaireaBella. I’ve seen these bags around for a while and I’ve wanted to own one for a few months so you can imagine how delighted I am to finally own one. I’ve shown a close up picture to show you the amount of detail and hard work that goes into these bags. I think this would go down a treat with so many young girls and women at Christmas!

You can purchase so many different gifts from the ClaireaBella range. I was shocked to see the variety that is available on Toxicfox. You can stick with the classic handmade jute bags which are personalised with any name you choose and you can even choose what colour hair, skin, eyes and clothes you want to make them look like you. If these don’t appeal to you or you would just like to try something different, then maybe the stationery, cushions, glasses and suitcases and everything else they have might suit you better. The options are endless!


Bev’s Indulgent Bathing Set –

Last but not least is this retro pampering set which includes three sweet smelling fragrant body products which include a body creme, a body scrub and a bath soak. Also included is the most comfortable eyemask I’ve ever owned. I’ve slept in it every night since I got the set and I think it’s fabulous. It’s so comfortable and blocks out any light. I’ve not used the bath soak yet but I have tried out the body creme and the scrub and they are both really effective. They leave my skin feeling soft and don’t irritate my sensitive skin. I love the box this comes in and will be keeping it to store some of my makeup in. Another fantastic gift from Toxicfox.

DISCOUNT FOR TOXICFOX have kindly give me a 10% discount code that you can use on their website! Enter this code at checkout: TFBlog 

A huge thank you for the wonderful gifts Toxicfox. You’ve made me a very happy lady and I’m so grateful that you worked with me.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this blog post and hopefully it has gave you some ideas! What is your ideal Christmas gift? Have you sorted out the presents for Christmas yet?



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