Hello everybody 🙂 how are you all doing?

Last Saturday I popped into Primark to have a look for a new Winter coat. I ended up purchasing around 7 or 8 items and most of these were just basics like vests and t-shirts so I haven’t included pictures of those. I have included pictures of the things I think you’ll love. I only spent around £40.00 as I’m planning on going back nearer to Christmas to have another little splurge.

I’ve been looking around for a coat for a few months but I’ve never found one I liked.. until I walked into Primark and found the perfect one. It’s a simple, soft mustard yellow boyfriend coat which is super flattering on and so warm and cosy. The picture I’ve taken does not do this justice. They also had it in lilac and a grey and pink checked print and at only £23.00 you can’t complain.

If you’re looking for some impressive outerwear or knitwear then you must head to Primark. I had to drag myself away from the knitwear section as there was so much there that I wanted to put into my basket.

So, enough talking and here are some photos of my favourite pieces.


So I know this isn’t Primark, but remember how I was saying that I’d been looking for a coat for a while and I hadn’t been able to find one I liked? Well as you know, I picked up the yellow one from Primark  but the next day me and my other half had a look around Next and I tried on this quilted black jacket and I loved the way it looked. It’s very unusual for me to find something that I feel 100% comfortable in but this was one of those rare pieces of clothing you find that you instantly click with and feel good in.

I’ve wanted a quilted jacket for a few months but I’ve found it hard to find one I love. It’s just so typical that I saw this straight after buying a coat. At £33.00 it was a little on the expensive side and I’m usually not keen on spending that much on one item but I thought why not? And paid for it. I couldn’t return the boyfriend coat so I’ve kept both and switch them up depending on the weather.


So there is my mini haul. I’ll make sure to show you what I buy when I head back in a few weeks!
I’m sorry about the quality of the pictures. The dark days combined with my camera don’t do the clothes any justice.

Have you been into Primark lately? Do you have any Primark posts on your blog? Please link me as I’m obsessed with Primark haul posts and videos!



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