Hello everybody!

I recently received a lovely Ciate Caviar Manicure gift set so that I could create a fun nail design. If you love playing around with your nails then I think you’re going to love this! Make sure you continue reading if you want to know my thoughts..


Ah I can’t explain how much I love Ciate nail polish bottles! Aren’t they just the cutest?

I was sent the Black Pearls set which has a full sized glossy jet blackpolish and a bottle of tiny beautiful dark caviar beads. Also included is an information booklet with application tips and nail design ideas, a plastic tray and a small funnel which both help to collect the tiny caviar beads so none go to waste!

I absolutely love the colour of the polish. It’s mysteriously sweet and feminine and looks incredible with the dark caviar beads. I was very happy to find out that it only took two coats of the black polish for a streak free and smooth opaque finish. After that, I got to work with the caviar beads. First of all I waited until the black polish had dried and I then used a dotting tool which I dipped into some clear gloss and then pressed down in a few areas of my nails to create a polka dot effect. I thought I would completely cover my ring finger to make the most out of the beads. While the clear gloss was still wet, I sprinkled over the caviar beads and this was the result.


I love how easy this set is to use. Within the set is a plastic tray which is very important, while you are sprinkling the caviar beads make sure the plastic tray is underneath to catch any that are falling. This way, you can then use the funnel to pour the beads back into the bottle so you’re not wasting anything. I’ve used caviar beads in the past but usually I’ve had to hoover them up off the floor as without something like the funnel, I’ve been unable to catch all of the beads when trying to do my nails/put them back into a jar. This whole set is pure genius and has really been thought through.

These sets are priced at £18.00 and although they may seem on the pricey side, this set will last you a very long time if used correctly. During the short time I’ve had this, I’ve done two sets of nails with the caviar beads and there was still a lot leftover to use next time. The funnel is very convenient and also fits in other nail polish bottles and can be used with other caviar beads/small nail decorations to prevent them from going to waste.

Thanks Ciate for letting me try this set out and I hope you like the nails! If you’d like more information make sure you check out the link below:

They also have a small range of different colours. I’m thinking of purchasing the Lemon Fizz one as the colours are perfect for Spring and Summer and I love all things pastel!

Have you tried this or created a caviar look in the past?



  1. I’ve never seen anyone use the textured nail effect on only parts of their nail before, and it looks AMAZING. I’m not usually a big fan of caviar nails, but this just looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing; it’s very inspirational!

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