Good evening lovelies!

Today I’m bringing you my £3.00 and under must have of the month.

I went shopping a couple of weeks ago and came across this beautiful bird cage candle holder from the shop Home & Bargains. Seeing as I love a bargain, have a candle obsession and love all things shabby chic, this was something I could not resist. Priced at only £2.49 I quickly picked it up and added it into my basket.


It’s so pretty and looks lovely on my beside table. It did originally come with some silver and white ribbon attached around the charming crystal bird, but since I put a candle underneath I thought it would be best to get rid of it incase it set alight from dangling near the flame.

Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase. Just to let you know, they also had ones double the size for £2.99 which I really regret not buying! I think I might pick up one of the taller ones if I visit the shop again, as their online website isn’t very good and doesn’t have as much of a selection as in-store does.

What is your £3.00 and under of the month? Do you like mine?


6 thoughts on “£3.00 & UNDER MUST HAVE OF THE MONTH – FEBRUARY 2015

  1. This is such a cute little find! I have way too many birdcages at home (candle’s and decorative stuff) so I think my boyfriend would strangle me if I bought another lol !
    a great deal too!

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