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Today I’m going to talk about the Superdrug Coconut Oil which is something I have been using on a daily basis for the last eight months. I’m currently on my third tub and I love the stuff. Superdrug Coconut Oil helps to condition the skin, scalp and dry/damaged hair. This natural product is solid at room temperature, but will gently melt on contact with your skin.



I use the product mostly on my body. I avoid using it on my face as I have sensitive facial skin and oils can be heavy, which can cause them to clog pores which can make you break out and leave you with bad skin. I use it mostly on my hands, arms, chest and neck area. The coconut oil smells delicious and leaves a subtle coconut scent on your skin which lasts throughout the day.

Because the coconut oil is solid in the tub, it can be difficult to scoop some out using your fingers, but having a spoon nearby solves that issue. If you leave the tub next to a window on a sunny day, or by a warm radiator, the oil will melt down and be easier for you to use.

I rub the solid coconut oil between my palms and after 60 or so seconds, it has melted down into a velvety smooth liquid. The melted liquid is quite thick (not sticky) but once you begin to massage into your skin, the oil moisturises deeply which leaves your skin feeling light and soft to the touch. When the oil is on your skin, it leaves you with a gorgeous sheer glow that lasts hours.



I have used the melted oil on my hair a few times, but I personally find the texture of the oil doesn’t work so well with my hair. It just sticks in one place and doesn’t glide through smoothly. It makes my hair feel weighed down and heavy and doesn’t distribute evenly. I don’t bother using it on my hair as I have other products that work well and are much more suited to my hair.

Another thing I’d like to mention is I’ve had deep lines on my neck for a very long time. The lines on my neck have always bothered me as I have had them since I was young and always felt like deep lines shouldn’t be an issue for someone my age. But over the last eight months of me massaging this product into my neck, I have noticed that the lines don’t seem as deep and the look of them has improved.

Overall, this is a fantastic product for the skin. I have noticed a huge improvement in the way my skin looks and feels. You can purchase a tub of this for £2.29 which is so affordable and worth buying, the tub will last you months. If you want to pick some up, head to your local Superdrug store or purchase from the Superdrug website here: http://www.superdrug.com/Superdrug/Superdrug-Coconut-Oil-125ml/p/203003#.Vd8ZRvlViko

What is your must have moisturiser? Have you tried using oils on your hair and body? Let me know in the comments!



    1. Ahh it won’t let me reply on your blog, but it is so sweet Sophie! I love that you’ve done this 🙂 it’s so kind of you and you have picked out some lovely IG accounts which I will make sure to check out ❤ x

  1. My must have moisturiser is also from Superdrug and it is Astral! GREAT for the winter. I really need to write a post about it since it is my holy grail product. I also never knew Superdrug sold such cheap coconut oil! Lots of Asian stores sell bottles of coconut oil (that are more 100ml) and they are quite cheap. Just a tip if you are looking around for different bottles of coconut oil! 🙂

    I use Vatika oil from Asian stores and I am currently using cactus and garlic oil (sounds disgusting but smells pretty good) and it makes my hair SUPER soft. 🙂

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