So earlier on today I received my October 2015 Cohorted beauty box and I thought I would quickly take a few pictures and show you this months contents because I know Cohorted is a beauty box that people are crazy about lately.

This is my first ever box by Cohorted. I’ve been following Cohorted for a few months but I’ve always been too late and the box has been sold out by the time I’ve gone to purchase. I managed to preorder this box last month and I’ve been so excited waiting for it to arrive. When I opened up my box today I wasn’t hugely impressed like I have been by other Cohorted boxes I’ve seen but this box does have a good selection of well known branded products with a total retail value £65.99 so I’m looking forward to trying them out.





Bare Minerals
Purely Nourishing Cream – £10.00

Bare Minerals –
Purifying Facial Cleanser – £15.00

Bare Minerals
Marvelous Moxie – £16.99

Nail Polish in Serendipity – £9.00

Peter Thomas Roth
Lashes To Die For Mascara – £15.00

I’ve so far only tried out the lipgloss. I thought it looked quite scary in the tube since it was a mix of bright orange and yellow.. but on the lips it gives a lovely peachy finish. I don’t think I will get much use out of the Bare Minerals Nourishing Cream as it is for dry skin and my skin is very oily. I’m looking forward to trying out the cleanser and may give a review on my blog soon.

What beauty boxes would you recommend? Have you tried Cohorted? How did you feel about this months?

This beauty box was priced at £19.99. If you’d like more information on Cohorted boxes make sure you visit their website: https://www.cohorted.co.uk/



  1. I was ready to purchase this box but I am so glad that I read your blog post first! I don’t think I would have been satisfied with the products, specially because the price is pretty high 🙂
    You have a lovely blog, I’m following you! x


  2. Yep, wish I hadn’t bothered. I don’t want skincare from Bareminerals I want makeup, I’m not adding a 3rd layer to my lips, balm, lippy and Moxie, just too much. I want skincare from Roth Thomas not makeup, it’s a cult skincare brand hard to find over here. And another CIate nail polish that are given away so frequently I’m surprised anyone actually ever buys them. I might return it, I think I’d rather have my £20 back. Finally got one and it’s the poorest box (would have loved Septembers), definitely not risking £35 on a box. Grump over. 🙂

  3. That does look a bit .. light. However I thought that the nice one with all the expensive make up is the £34.99 one and this one is just part of the new series.
    Also I recommend trying out Youbeauty discovery , it’s only £6.95 and you get to choose two of the products you get 🙂 xx


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