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If you’ve read my blog before, you probably know I have a thing for home decor. I haven’t bought anything for the house for what feels like a very long time so I decided to have a little splurge with my left over Christmas money. I decided to shop at The Range as they have so many affordable options and do online delivery.

I only discovered The Range in 2014 when a big store opened up 10 minutes away from my home. I visited a few times and fell in love with the decor section. There is so much to choose from and something to suit everyone. I think my favourite piece I picked up in my online shop was the lavendar ball tree! It’s so pretty and was a steal at £6.99. I also loved the cute little wooden owl coasters (what kind of decor haul would this be if there wasn’t something owl purchased?) which look so cute on my kitchen table. I think I have enough decorative furnishings for my house now. I won’t be going on a big decor spree again until we’ve moved into a bigger place. I’m running out of space in my two bed terrace.

If you see anything you like the look of, make sure to check out the bottom of the post as I’ll leave a description with prices and links to buy the items.

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Lavender Ball Tree in Willow Basket – £6.99
Bowed Heart 3 Drawer Cabinet – £4.99 
Wooden Letter Rack – £2.99 
Owl Coaster Set – £4.99 
Mercury Glass Vase with Heart Decoration – £1.99 
3D Tea Metal Wall Art – £9.99
Large Glass Storage Jar – £1.99
Small Glass Storage Jar – £1.39 
Ivory Rose Garland – £5.99 
Vintage Floral Single Oven Glove – £2.79
Price and Kensington Home Farm Sleeve 4 Glass Tumblers – £3.99
 Lavender Bunch – £1.49
Lace Storage Basket – £2.99 
Scented Candles – £1.00 each

What is your favourite piece I picked up?

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