Who else is delighted that NYX is easily available in the UK now?! One of my favourite places to browse on the internet is MakeupAddiction on Reddit and over the last few years I’ve been so envious seeing so many talented women create amazing looks with affordable NYX products that were only easily available to buy elsewhere in the world. I would occasionally find the odd NYX product in Next or TK Maxx but it would always be a terrible unloved shade, sat unsealed on the bottom shelf and used by seven different people which wasn’t very pleasant to say the least.

These days I can simply pick up NYX while I’m having a little splurge at Boots which makes me very happy. I finally got around to purchasing loads of NYX products with my Christmas money and I am so impressed. I honestly love everything and nothing has left me feeling disappointed.


So the first two things I’m going to talk about is something every beauty lover has probably heard of; the Soft Matte Lip Creams. It was so hard to choose which shades to go for but I opted for Instanbul and Stockholm. Instanbul is a soft muted rose pink which I can not imagine being without now I’ve had the pleasure to try it. I have not stopped wearing it, I love the way it looks against my pale skin. Stockholm is a deep soft neutral nude. I am so impressed with the texture of these products, they are everything I had hoped for; soft and creamy with a sweet light scent. I sometimes find that matte lipsticks can leave your lips looking and feeling dry but these feel so lovely on the lips. They are very pigmented and apply neatly and like a dream thanks to the dainty precise wand. The cream takes 2 or so minutes to settle on my lips, and I am then left with a completely matte velvety soft finish that lasts 4 or so hours before needing a top up. The cost is only £5.50 and they are worth every penny. I can not wait to pick up some more in different colors.


I can safely say I have found my holy grail basic nude pencil. I absolutely love the colour of this.  It’s a bold nude with dark pink undertones. It honestly doesn’t budge from my lips once I’ve applied it. It’s so long lasting and is very pigmented so gives great colour pay off. It’s also retractable so you don’t have to bother sharpening it which is something I prefer as I always seem to break my pencils when I try to sharpen them. Does this happen to anyone else? Does anyone have any recommendations for a good sharpener? With this pencil, make sure your lips are exfoliated and soft otherwise the pencil tends to drag and sometimes break as it’s very delicate. But other than that, it’s my number 1 go to nude lip product. I love it and will be repurchasing as soon as I run out. The finish is smooth and matte. I usually wear this alone for a long lasting natural lip look. £5.50.


I’d describe the colour of this pencil as a fair light nude with peachy pink tones. It’s very similar to the above pencil (great pigmentation, smooth matte finish and does not budge from my lips) but I find this one has better application than the mechanical pencil and glides onto my lips effortlessly. Again, the cost is £5.50 and I’d highly recommend everything I’ve spoke about in this blog post.


If you’ve been debating buying NYX or you are on the look out for some new affordable products, make sure you check out what NYX has to offer because they are absolutely amazing for the low prices.


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