Carex is the UK’s number 1 hand wash brand that we all know and have in our homes.
When Carex spotted my Instagram post showing my love and appreciation for the BubbleGum hand wash, they sent me a message and asked if I’d like to review and talk about their Fun Editions range on my blog. I couldn’t refuse. I’ve always used Carex when it comes to hand wash and the Fun Editions range is something that I always have in my house.

I was very kindly sent a few bottles of BubbleGum hand wash, BubbleGum hand gel and Strawberry Laces cleansing wipes. I’m a regular user of the hand gel and hand wash so it was nice to have some extra bottles lying around the house for when I finish my current ones! I’d never used the cleansing wipes before but I love the idea of having these perfect sized wipes which you can put in your handbag to use for when things get a little messy and you need a quick refresh.

The Fun Edition range is aimed at children, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using them if you’re an adult! I have a major sweet tooth and I think these are such a fun way to keep your hands clean and free of germs. I much prefer them to the usual handwashes you can pick up in the shops.

I don’t have any children, but I think having a range like this is a fabulous way to encourage your children to be hygienic. Everything smells exactly like the edible sweet versions; sugary and good enough to eat! But please, do not eat them. It’s tempting I know*sigh* but it is a very bad idea.

In the Fun Edition range you can find the ‘flavours’; BubbleGum, Cola Bottles, Chocolate Orange and Strawberry Laces. There are hand washes, hand gels and wipes to choose from. I think the prices start from as little as 80p which is amazing value.

Carex is a brand that has my trust. They provide the UK with effective and gentle products that are perfect for every day use. I’ll never be without my Carex! You’ll always find a bottle of Carex handwash in my house and the gels and cleansing wipes are my handbag essentials.


I’d LOVE to see more scents created, maybe something like Rhubarb and Custard!

Are there any flavours you’d like to see created for the Fun Edition range? What is your go to product when it comes to hand hygiene?

You can find out more about Carex here:


  1. I too love Carex. I have quite sensitive skin, yet their products never irritate me. Recently on a trip to London after holding on to countless elevator hand rails, I bought some of their wet wipes. Not the fun range, but still great at getting rid of grime! I do have children and think this range would be perfect for younger tots. Great review.

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