Mio Destino Lingerie review

Hi everybody!

Before I start my review I would just like to apologise to any family reading as this might be a little strange to read from me as I’m not really open about what kind of lingerie I wear.. so I’m sorry if what you’re about to read makes you uncomfortable *blushes*

If you’re not aware already, Mio Destino is the perfect shop for us women to pick up lots of exquisite lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery, swimwear and even more!  The lovely people at Mio Destino offer designer lingerie from top European brands, a five star service with FREE delivery, FREE returns and price matching. Orders are packaged discreetly and have a luxurious feel about them.

I was offered the Mio Classic Sun Goddess black and gold bra with the matching black and gold shorts which is a very dazzling and appealing lingerie set.

As you can see the set is rather sensual and I was surprised to find that this belonged in the Classic Range as I think it is more sexy than classic and not something you would wear every day. I feel like the set is a little raunchy and has a bondage feel about it, I think this is because of the harness strap detail. Nonetheless, I fell in love with the set as soon as I saw it and the pictures do not do this lingerie justice at all.


I received the package pretty quickly after being told that it had been dispatched which is always good. The parcel fit straight through my letter box and came in a pleasing and discreet plastic mail bag. When I opened up the bag I found my lingerie was stored in a cute drawstring pouch and straight away I was blown away by the attention that went into this. It makes you feel all happy and like it’s your birthday or something! It really added a lovely touch the lingerie and I was extremely pleased with the way my parcel arrived and how my lingerie was held.

I also found out for larger orders they deliver your lingerie in a box wrapped with a bow. Can you imagine how happy you’d be opening up that parcel?!

The packaging made me think that Mio Destino would be incredible to use if you’re wanting to surprise your partner as the packaging has a lot of pretty detailing about it and is very present like and you wouldn’t have to do any wrapping or waste your money buying boxes/bows/gift wrap to put the lingerie/sleepwear etc  in,  just order what you like and wait for it to arrive in the post and then give it as a present!


The Mio Classic Sun Goddess set is described as a eye catching and radiant lingerie set and I honestly couldn’t agree more. The gold glitter detailing on the bra and the shorts against the sheer black material looks stunning. I decided to go for size 14 bottoms with a 36D bra and the fit was absolutely perfect, no complaints at all from me. They’re really well cut and the quality is fantastic. Sheer but strong and soft but supportive. I love the little detailing on the set like the small little bows placed in the centre of the bra and the sides of the shorts, the gold and sparkly material which shimmers.. they really make this lingerie set very unique.

The Mio Classic Sun Goddess underwired bra retails at £38.50 with the Mio Classic Sun Goddess shorts at a price of £20.75 which may seem a little pricey but I do believe they are worth every penny. I have worn my set around 4 times since receiving and washed it each time after use to see how well the set washes and last and so far I am very impressed. The set feels so comfortable and is very flattering when on.

I’m so in love with this matching set. And if you like the look of it, make sure you check the bra : http://www.miodestino.com/p-1931-1a-mio-classic-a-sun-goddess-black-and-gold-bra-underwired.aspx and the matching shorts here: http://www.miodestino.com/p-1929-1a-mio-classic-a-sun-goddess-black-and-gold-short.aspx

Mio Destino offer so much more than just lingerie. Be sure to check them out as they have a huge selection with lots of different sizes and styles and they even have a price matching service! http://www.miodestino.com/ Their website is so easy to use and you’ll find what you’re looking for in no time.

What do you think of the set?

Beauty Adoration

* I would just like to say that this set was given to me free of charge in exchange for a review. However, this does not affect my opinions and everything I have said is my honest thoughts on the service and the lingerie.

Smart dinner date outfit

Hello my lovely readers!So like the post before this, I’m getting involved in a great competition run by Debenhams. If you’re interested make sure you check out this page: http://blog.debenhams.com/love-denim-blogger-competition/get-involved/competitions/

Smart dinner date outfit


So this is my Smart dinner date outfit and I think it’s perfect. The dark wash jeans compliment the colours beautifully and the striking  blazer and briefcase add a sophisticated and smart feel to the whole outfit.I hope you love it as much as I do!

Thanks for reading, what are your thoughts on the outfit?

Debenhams – Music gig outfit

Hi everybody!

So today I’m back with another great competition by Debenhams. #LoveDenim is a fantastic moodboard you create yourself with a man in mind. You create a board for a casual music gig and a board for a romantic dinner date!

I love creating these kind of things, so here is what I came up with..

Debenhams - Music gig outfit

I absolutely adore this outfit. It’s so casual and laid back and perfect for a music gig. A light weight shirt with some light comfortable jeans will sail you straight through the night. I can definitely see the man in my life wearing something like this!

If you click on the links under the picture they will take you straight to the Debenhams website where you can browse the items yourself.

What do you guys think?

If you want to get involved, check here: http://blog.debenhams.com/love-denim-blogger-competition/get-involved/competitions/

How I look after myself when I’m ill

I have had the flu for the last 7 days, but luckily I have a few tricks up my sleeve which always make me feel better so I thought I would share my routine with you and give you some tips on what to do. We all have our own ways of making ourselves feel better so I really hope if you don’t make the time to look after yourself when you’re ill, you do after reading this!

First of all I clean the house from top to bottom. I know this might be the last thing you feel like doing when you’re ill, but if you get it out of the way you can really relax knowing everything is tidy and neat and nothing will get in your way and irritate you. Feel free to skip this part if you want.

Next, take some paracetamol/flu tablets. These will help speed up your recovery and ease your symptoms.

Now go into your bathroom and run a very hot bath, using your absolutely favourite bath product. I decided to go for a bath creamer by Bomb Cosmetics since I had a full box of them.

This instantly lifted my mood because the bathroom smelt magical and the bath creamer turned the water an adorable shade of pastel blue..

Look at how creamy it is! I loved how it felt so good against my skin.

Now light your favourite candle to fragrance the room and add a relaxing feel. My favourite at the moment is the Berry Burst one by Bomb Cosmetics ( I can’t help it, I actually have fallen in love with this brand! )

Following this go and grab a book and your favourite hair and body goodies and place them near the bath. Apply a face mask of your choice and step into your hot bath!

Relax for a few minutes, wet your hair and rinse your body. Apply your favourite conditioner/masque/treat to your hair and massage into your scalp. This will help cleanse your hair and also stimulates hair follicles to stop hair loss and help hair to grow. Grab your book, sit back and unwind until you can be bothered to get out. Feel free to keep topping up with hot water..

My bath goodies of choice were:

V05 Smooth collection Shampoo and conditioner – These are so affordable and leave my hair feeling protected and they smell sweet.
Dove Nourishing Oil Care hair treatment – If you have dry hair that really needs a treat then you NEED this in your life.
Botanics Shine Away Clay Mask – Perfect if your skin is oily
Soap and Glory Flake Away – One of my all time favourite products. This scrub exfoliates my body so well and leaves a lovely glow and a very smooth feel.

My book of choice was:

The Good, The Bad and the Dumped – Jenny Colgan – This book is about a silly woman who does silly things when she has a great partner. Would I recommend it? Not really, it’s OK if you’re wanting a light read.

Usually after a bath I will jump into the shower for a quick rinse.

Towel yourself dry. Apply deodorant and a top quality moisturiser to keep that skin feeling soft and delicate. I find that moisturisers which have a spray feature come in really handy when you don’t have the energy to slather body lotion all over yourself. My favourite would probably be Soap and Glory Mist You Madly.

Put on your comfiest underwear, and then dress yourself in the fluffiest pair pyjamas you own.

Run downstairs with your duvet ( or stay in your bedroom if you have a TV in there ) wrap yourself up on the sofa with a hot chocolate or a cup of coffee/tea and put on your favourite movie. I went for the Disney movie I love the most, Mulan.

Now for the rest of the day don’t lift a finger. Hopefully you have somebody in your life who will look after you and give you lots of sympathy and hugs ( thank you Dobby and Mr Beauty Adoration.. )

This always makes me feel better. If you haven’t tried this and you’re not well I order you to go and look after yourself right this second! One suggestion though, if you have a puppy anything like mine make sure you put him in his bed otherwise he will lick all of your bathwater and stare at you the whole time.

Does anybody else have a similar routine? How do you make yourself feel better?

Bomb Cosmetics lucky dip order

For a while now I have been drooling over Bomb Cosmetics website. They are a company who provide lots of natural goodies, mainly for the bathroom! You can find bath blasters, bath creamers, bath fizzers, candles, face mask, soap and much much more.

As I was browsing their website last week I came across an offer for a lucky dip box which would contain at least 20 bath products and had a retail value of at least 50 pounds. They were selling these boxes for 30 pounds. I couldn’t resist and popped the lucky dip box into my basket and checked out spending exactly 30 pounds ( postage was free. )

Delivery was very quick with my lucky dip large pink box arriving just a short few days later.

I was so impressed when I opened up my box! The first thing that stood out is Bomb Cosmetics had put in a lot of pastel foam pieces to protect the items which are so pretty and smell divine because they have been in with all the bath goodies. My box was packed to the full with so many fun products INCLUDING two gorgeous candles which I wasn’t even expecting!

So here are a few close ups of what I got:

These are absolutely huge. I did have 10 of these but used one as soon as the order came and I only took the pictures earlier today. These are the Blasters and they smell amazing! Such a strong fragrance and the one I used left my bath water a lovely pink colour and my partner even came upstairs to ask what the nice smell was. Today I used another one and it left my bath a lovely light blue colour with lots of glitter floating on top of the water, it looked dreamy.

These are the two unexpected candles which were in my box. Green tea and Berry Burst. They smell fantastic, my favourite is the Berry Burst because it smells like fruit mentos. I currently have the flu with a very sore and  blocked nose but I can still smell the rich fragrance running throughout my house!

I absolutely adore these! I can’t wait to use them. These are soap slices and I have heard nothing but fantastic things about them. I never use soap so I’m looking forward to see if these make me change my mind.

Another little selection for the bath. These are smaller than the bath blasters which I showed to you earlier in my post but I don’t think they will leave me disappointed. They feel really smooth and again, the smell is delicious!

And finally I got three small cupcake bath mallows. These look good enough to eat! I can tell by the feel of them that they are going to provide a lot of care for my skin and leave me feeling smooth and moisturised.

I am SO impressed with my order that I’m definitely going to be putting a little aside each month to treat myself. The prices are affordable and their products are very natural and not full of nasty chemicals which will harm your skin. I loved how most of my items were wrapped because they had a handwritten label on each item stating the name of the product, it just makes you think about how lovely and how involved all the staff who work at Bomb Cosmetics must be.

I would highly recommend these to everybody!

Have you tried Bomb Cosmetics? If not, check out their website here: http://bombcosmetics.co.uk/

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