I recently entered a competition via Twitter to win a 50ml bottle of NUXE Prodigieux Le Parfum and I was lucky enough to win. I’d just like to take a moment to say thank you to the wonderful for giving people the chance to own such a wonderful perfume.


NUXE Prodigieux Le Parfum is described as a floral oriental perfume with notes of orange blossom, rose and vanilla to name just a few.

The perfume comes in a thin and tall silky glass bottle which is gradient and golden. A glossy gold lid sits on top of the bottle and the whole thing just screams elegance.

When I first spray this perfume onto my skin I can smell the sweetness of the orange and the delicate vanilla sitting quietly in the background. After a few moments the scent begins to change as the florals make their way through. They all blend together beautifully and each note makes itself well known. That is one thing I really like about this perfume, the way you can smell every single layer; the sugary orange and the soft florals sitting on the base notes of creamy vanilla and coconut.

The aroma is warm and lingers on your skin for 2-3 hours. I’d describe this as more of a classical fragrance rather than something modern and new. The fragrance is perfect for both day and night and is a scent that would be good to wear throughout all of the seasons. I can see myself wearing this on a hot Summer’s day and I’ve been wearing it recently when I’ve been cold and wrapped up in blankets on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate and it just feels right. It is a very versatile and wearable scent.

Overall this is a fun and romantic fragrance, something that I will probably repurchase. I’d like if the perfume lasted a little longer the skin, but this is something I can live with. I find that if you spray the perfume onto clothing items such as scarves etc the smell will last for days.

If you’d like to try out the perfume the official NUXE website retails NUXE Prodigieux Le Parfum at £43.00 which I will admit is a little on the expensive side but considering how luxurious this perfume is and how big the bottle is, I do think it is worth the price tag.

Again i’d like to say a big thank you to GorgeousShop for running such a fabulous competition. I’ve seen them run lots of amazing competitions on their Twitter page so make sure you follow them and check out their website! 


Good afternoon :-)

Most of us who own makeup brushes know how important it is to regularly take the time to clean them. I try to wash mine every 2-3 uses as I hate the idea of bacteria building up and being brushed and buffed into my skin.

I was cleaning my makeup brushes one evening and noticed that I’d ran out of my usual cleaner. I looked in my cupboard for something else to use and I came across a face wash which I didn’t get much use from so I decided to try it out on my brushes. The name of this face wash is Visibly Clear Pore & Shine daily wash by Neutrogena.


I don’t know about anybody else but I’ve always had issues with cleaning my makeup brushes. I’ve tried a lot of products from soap to shampoo to high priced brush cleansers but I’ve never been completely satisfied with the results. Dry bristles, leftover residue and colour staining are just a few of the problems I’ve had.

I can’t even begin to express how happy I was when I tried out the face wash. I dispensed two pumps into a small clean candle jar and swirled my brushes around. As soon as I began to swirl the brushes into the liquid I noticed such a difference compared to anything I had ever used in the past. Stubborn stains and hardened foundation were melting off the bristles. After around 1 minute of gently swirling my brushes, I rinsed them clean with warm water.

I began to dry my brushes against a face cloth and was shocked at how perfectly clean they were. If I had of shown them to you, you would of thought that I had just bought them and taken them out of the packaging. The bristles felt so soft and fluffy against my skin.


The face wash is priced at under £5.00 and is easily available in most stores. I think this is something I’ll continue to repurchase. If you have issues getting your brushes clean make sure you pick this up and try it out, I promise you won’t regret it. I’m over the moon to have finally found something that leaves me feeling satisfied after a brush cleaning session!

What is your go to brush cleaner?



Good afternoon everybody :-)

A very quick post today. I thought I’d share with you my dressing table area. I rent a house, and I have to make do with the furniture that came with it. I’ve always wanted a dressing table but sadly I was left with a boring, plain desk. I decided to try and add a personal touch to the desk by using things like pretty wooden signs and photo frames and even wallpaper.

I thought maybe this post would give some of you some inspiration. If you’ve got an old bland desk or a dressing table, think about what you could turn that into. It doesn’t have to be expensive. The wooden sign I used was £1.99 from Poundstretcher and the teal and white wallpaper was only £2.99 from eBay for a huge role. Go out shopping, have a look online and don’t forget to reuse things like food containers, candle jars and even plant pots. Grab some paint and crafty bits and let your imagination run wild.

I hope you’re all having a lovely day! I’d love to see how you store your makeup so leave me a link to your blog or tell me about it in the comment section!


Hello lovely people :-)

I haven’t attempted nail art in a very long time. Due to personal problems, most of this year I have had no motivation or energy. But now that Autumn is here, my spirits are starting to lift and I can feel the motivation coming back into my life. A short while ago I purchased some false nails to start practicing nail art with again and this is the look I came up with.


I think it turned out pretty well for my first attempt in 5 or so months. The picture above really doesn’t do this justice.

Here is a list of products I used to create this look:

e.l.f nail polish in Purple Dream
Saffron glitter nail polish in 08 Gold
Nail glitter in black
Nail caviar beads in gold
Nail gems in black


First thing I did was paint my nails. Straight after doing this while my nails were still wet, I sprinkled on some black glitter to add a feminine touch. After this I added some caviar beads to the polish and gently placed on some black gems to add texture and chunkiness. To finish off the look and seal everything in place, I took my gold flakes nail polish and painted over the whole nail which finished the look off perfectly.

What was your last nail of the day? How often do you play around with nail art? Make sure to leave me a link to your blog so I can check out your nail art!


I think I have a problem. I’m obsessed with MUA cosmetics.

I haven’t had a good splurge in a while and decided last week that I needed ( or should I say wanted? ) some new eyeshadows. As usual, I got a little too carried away and ended up adding a few more items into my basket. The total cost of what you’re going to see in this blog post cost me less than twenty pounds which is money well spent in my eyes!


How pretty are the eyeshadows? I love the colours and I like that they all compliment each other beautifully when blended together. I thought the pinks and browns would be a nice change for the Autumn and Winter months. They are very pigmented and long lasting and blend like a dream. I might do a little tutorial with them over the next few weeks with some pictures to show you just how good they are.


I’ve had my eyes on this baked bronzer for a few weeks now. I’m really into products that add a little glow to the skin and this is perfect for doing just that. I love the different tones in the bronzer and the dewy shimmer it leaves on my skin.

I already own a highlighting powder from MUA in the shade Pink Shimmer which I love so it was only natural that I would want to try out the other shade. I find the Iridescent Gold much more intense than the Pink Shimmer highlighter. I’m a big fan of the gold shade but I do think it is a little too shimmery for everyday wear. I’ll only be reaching for this on those special occasions!


Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the Lilac Belle shade? I haven’t stopped wearing this lipstick. It’s the most adorable colour I’ve ever seen.


Finally, we have two newly released Luxe Lip Laquers in the shade A Flush and Serene.

I’m sorry that I don’t have swatches of the lip products but I haven’t had the time to try all of them out and the lighting drastically changed while I was finishing off taking these photos so it would of been a difficult task getting some true to life colour swatches. Don’t worry, I’ll be writing a more in depth review of these products with swatches sometime in the next week.

If you’d like to try out some MUA products make sure to check out their website

If you haven’t tried out this brand, make sure you do! You won’t regret it.