I picked up three Makeup Revolution lipsticks earlier this year. At the time I was going through a phase of creating unusual looks with make up and when I seen these bright and vivid colours priced at only £1.00 each I knew that I had to try them out.


I have to be honest with you and say that I have had issues with the packaging. The lids tend to come off as soon as I pick them up and the bullet inside isn’t very secure and wobbles around which can make application a little tricky. If you depotted the lipsticks into a palette then these problems would be solved, so I guess it isn’t a huge issue and I do hate to complain since the price is so low but I had to mention it.


So here are some swatches! We have Immoral, a light baby sky blue. Felony, a pale pastel yellow and my personal favourite; Depraved, a cool deep violet.

The lipsticks aren’t terrible but they aren’t anything special either. Immoral and Depraved give satisfactory results. Felony on the other hand, is dreadful.

I’d describe the texture more like a thin balm rather than a creamy lipstick. The coverage is sheer and requires a lot of coats to build up to an opaque finish. With the yellow colour, Felony, I find it a struggle to get anywhere near opaque. Felony is very patchy on my lips and even with concealer/lipcote/powder underneath I just can’t manage to get a good finish. My lips always look transparent and uneven which is a shame as the bullet is so vibrant and appealing.

Immoral and Depraved seem to work much better for me, though they can be slightly patchy.. but with 5 or so layers I can manage to build up a strong colour which lasts for around an hour before needing to be reapplied. If I use a lipstick sealer, like Lipcote, the lipstick lasts around 3 hours which isn’t too bad. If you want to try these lipsticks out and plan on wearing them for more than an hour, then I would say Lipcote is essential to keep the lipstick locked on your lips.


I’m unsure if I’d repurchase any of these colours. Yes, they are only £1.00 and the results are reasonable but I would rather spend my money on something that actually works and leaves me feeling completely satisfied.

This review is pretty negative, and I’d just like to say before I wrap it up that I am a fan of Makeup Revolution and don’t feel this way about all of their products. One of my current favourite nude lipsticks is by this brand and I find it very impressive for the low price. I’m just not a fan of these particular lipsticks.

What brand would you recommend for unusual colour lipsticks? Have you tried out Makeup Revolution?




Well hello to you :-D 

How are you keeping? I hope you’re having a relaxing and fun bank holiday weekend. I’ve been keeping myself busy. I’ve spent a very long time on the internet though which has left me with a bit of a headache. I’ve been searching around for presents for my partner. I think I might do a blog post on what I got him once they have all arrived and his birthday has passed, because I know a lot of people have trouble finding gifts for the man in their life.

 Well, let’s get started; Here are 5 beauty items I’m loving this month with short reviews :-)


Soap & Glory Fabulipstick – Blush Pink

This has been my favourite lipstick for the last few weeks. I seriously can’t get enough of it. I love the smooth and velvety matte finish it gives. The colour is very pretty and different to most others I own. I’d describe the colour as a muted pinky plum. It has a slight vampy feel to it, but a natural vampy feel that isn’t too harsh to wear during the day. The colour is very flattering against my very pale skin but also works rather well with when I’m wearing fake tan. The smell is yummy too, very powdery and sweet.


MUA – Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder in Pink Shimmer

My skin is very oily, so usually when I do my make up I will try to keep my skin looking as matte as possible. But lately, I’ve been using this highlighter on my cheekbone area as I find it really brightens up my face and adds a subtle glow that looks lovely against the matte finish of my skin. I love that this highlighter is in powder form, as it is very easy to use and blends like a dream and doesn’t feel heavy on your skin. At £3.00 this is definitely something worth picking up. 

for my bloggg

Taylor Swift – Wonderstruck Enchanted

I adore this perfume. If you’re looking for a scent that is feminine, very sweet, and long lasting then this is the one you need. This perfume may be too sweet for some, but for me it is perfect. I love the sugary fruity notes mixed with the smooth florals. The perfume is long lasting on my skin ( 4-5 hours ) and slowly fades into a soft sugary vanilla scent. This perfume has become one of my all time favourites and one that I’ll definitely be repurchasing when I run out.


Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Peel Off Face Mask

If you read my blog regularly then you probably know I have very oily skin. But, the strange thing is I also have dry skin around my t-zone which can be very noticeable. I used to use a face scrub to exfoliate my face to remove the dry skin but then I learned that exfoliating the skin on your face can be very damaging if your skin is sensitive, so I threw away the face scrub and haven’t touched it since. I have to admit I loved using the face scrub because it did a fantastic job of removing the dry skin, and I was gutted that I had to stop because I thought I would never find anything that worked as brilliantly as the scrub .. but then I was recommended this face mask and I’m so happy I purchased it.

The face mask has a very clean and fresh scent. The texture of the mask is very thick and gloopy which can make it a little difficult to work with. I use around a tablespoon and apply it over my face while my skin is dry, concentrating mostly on my t-zone. After around 15 minutes, the mask will be dry and ready to peel off. I love the result it gives, my skin looks clearer and as I’m peeling away the mask it removes a lot of my flaky skin. I’d highly recommend. Very budget friendly too at around £2.99 :-D

MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT APPLY THIS ON YOUR EYEBROWS AND PEEL IT OFF. If you get the mask on your eyebrows, use warm water to wash it away. I accidentally got some on my eyebrows and pulled the mask off which took part of my brows with it. I was so frustrated because I had spent months growing my eyebrows out. 


Imperial Leather – Foamburst ‘bewitching blackberry & wild fig’

I’ve already reviewed this body wash in the past, you can read my full thoughts here: Basically, this is 40 luxurious showers in a can. Very different to the usual body washes that you’d pick up. A lovely little foamy treat that leaves you clean, leaves your skin soft and makes you smell delicious. 

What are your favourite products this month? I’d love to know! Have you tried anything that I’m loving?


A big warm hello from me :-)

I’ve decided, that once a month I’m going to purchase something for under £3.00 that I love and then show you pictures, write a little something about it and tell you where I bought it from. My latest purchase has inspired me to do this and I really think it will be a fun monthly post and best of all, you don’t have to spend too much money.

This month, my £3.00 and under must-have is this sweet and bright pastel watch which I purchased from eBay for the total cost of £1.32! The watch was shipped from Hong Kong, so it did take around 14 days for delivery. I don’t really mind the delivery time, but I know some people may find it frustrating so I thought I would pop that info in here.

 Click here if you’d like to see the page I purchased the watch from on eBay: Mint Green Geneva Watch


Isn’t it so pretty? I adore the colour. It’s a mint green/blue pastel colour. There is also some gold detailing on the watch, mainly around the face area and I’m really in love with it. I’m usually not a huge fan of gold but it is so delicate and works against the mint colour very well. The straps are made of rubber, they are strong and are just what you’d expect when you’re expecting a rubber strap I guess. I’ve had the watch about 2 weeks now and I’ve got plenty of use out of it and it works perfectly. It comes with batteries, so you don’t need to buy any and it is ready to use pretty much straight away, just change the dial to the correct time and it is perfect.


The three small dials in the middle are just a flat print and don’t work. I guess these are just used for decoration to make the watch look good. The big dial around the face works correctly which is all I want really as I’m not interested in those other bits. 

I think the seller has other colours on their page so if you don’t like the colour I’ve chosen just send them a message or have a quick look through their items and I’m sure you will come across one you like.

Overall, I’m very impressed. What more could you want for £1.32?

Do you wear watches? What is something that you’ve picked up at a ridiculously low price? Any bargains to share with me?!


Hello to everybody reading my post. I hope that you’re feeling happy and having a good day!

Do the cupcakes I’ve shown you a picture of appeal to you? If the answer is yes, then keep on reading this post to find out exactly how I made these little heavenly pieces of cake! And if the answer is no, then what is wrong with you?! How can you resist these irresistible temptations!


INGREDIENTS - makes 24 cupcakes

175g self-raising flour
175g unsalted butter
180g caster sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
home made lemon curd/store bought lemon curd
150ml double cream
3 medium eggs
50g white chocolate ( optional )

Okay, so now we have the ingredients out of the way I’m now going to show you how you can easily make 24 delicious cupcakes. You do not have to be a genius at baking for these to turn out perfectly. They are very very easy to make, all you need is a spare 10-15 minutes to prepare your mixture and an oven that works.

Preheat your oven to 170 C


Put the caster sugar and butter into a bowl and beat together with a wooden spoon until light and fluffy. I would recommend leaving the butter out of the fridge for at least 2 hours before using, otherwise the butter will be too hard to work with. 

for my blog2

Next up add in your 3 eggs and the vanilla extract. If you don’t like vanilla you could just leave this out, as the sugar helps to sweeten the cupcakes. You could also add some lemon extract or the zest of one lemon if you’d like them to be extra lemony! 

Once you’ve added your ingredients, give them all good beat with a spoon and then grab a whisk and whisk the mixture for a minute or so just to make sure the egg has distributed evenly. The mixture at this point usually looks very unappealing, but don’t worry because that will change once we add the self-raising flour.

forthe blog 3

Sieve the self-raising flour and add to your cupcake mixture. Using a wooden spoon slowly beat in the flour until you’re left with a smooth and thick texture that is well mixed.


Put the cupcake mixture into cupcake cases. Make sure you divide the mixture evenly so you get an even bake and your cupcakes are all uniform. As you can see from the pictures, I didn’t do this but in my defence I was in a rush. 

Put these into the oven for around 12-14 minutes until golden brown. 


Leave the cakes cool for an hour and then remove them from their cases. 


Using a sharp bread knife, carefully slice the top of the cupcakes off and leave them to the side. I then use a teaspoon of lemon curd and place it onto the cupcake. I then whipped up some cream,and placed this onto the lemon curd. Grab the top of your cupcake and gently press into the top of the cream. 

As you can see, these were very simple to make and taste incredible. They are very moreish. I first made these for my mum when she was sick in hospital but I’ve made them a few times since and they are the perfect pick me up cupcake. They are fresh, tasty and so moist and keep very well for 2-3 days when stored in an air tight container. You must give these a try! 



OPTIONAL: If you fancy an extra touch, melt 50g white chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. Once melted, dip a fork into the chocolate and then whip back and forth over your cupcakes. 

Let me know what you think! Link me to some of your own blog posts on baking, I’d love to read them. Or send me some of your favourite recipes that I could maybe try out sometime soon.


Hey everybody!

For the past month I’ve been using some of the new hair products by Garnier. You may have seen them around, the Ultimate Blends range.

I’ll be honest, the thing that appealed to me the most was how pretty the packaging was and the price. I’ve never really been a huge fan when it comes to Garnier’s hair products because they tend to leave my hair feeling very greasy and full of residue. But since I had a generous amount of money for my birthday I thought I may as well pick these up because I wouldn’t be wasting too much money if I didn’t like them,


The Ultimate Blends range has specific shampoos and conditioners that cater to different types of hair which include dry, normal, coloured, frizzy and even more. They really do have something for most hair types so you should be able to find at least one that appeals to you.

I decided to pick up The Marvellous Transformer shampoo and the The Nourishing Repairer conditioner for myself because for the last couple of months my hair has been feeling very dry and looks quite dull. I haven’t really used any heat on it and rarely dye my hair so I think my hair could be in this condition due to the hot weather and perhaps, from me not drinking enough water.

The shampoos and conditioners are priced from £2.79 for the smaller bottles up to £3.89 for the larger bottles. I’ve found that they always seem to be on offer so make sure you have a look around before buying them at full price. I picked up the 250ml shampoo bottle for £1.50 and the 400ml bottle of conditioner for £2.00 from Asda when I was doing my grocery shop.


I adore the packaging. I don’t know why, I just love the golden and cream colours and think the bottles look very attractive.


I absolutely love this shampoo. First things first, the smell is to die for; soft and sweet and I’d so use this as a perfume if such a perfume existed.
The shampoo is clear in colour and lathers up on my hair beautifully. I only need a small amount and that is enough for my chest length hair. I’ve found in the past that a lot of shampoos tend to dry out my hair, but when using this shampoo my hair feels so nourished and soft and I can easily run my fingers through with no tangling. The shampoo rinses out very easily, and my hair is always left feeling cleansed and fresh.


Again, same as the shampoo the smell of this is heavenly. I use a very generous egg sized amount and really work it into my hair. I love the way it coats each strand of my hair and leaves it feeling as soft as creamy butter. I know it might sound a little strange comparing my hair to butter, but it’s really soft and smooth and feels amazing. It doesn’t smell like butter though so don’t worry! I’ll usually leave the conditioner on my hair for around 5 minutes while I exfoliate, shave and clean etc and then I’ll rinse it out and my hair is will be left feeling very light and replenished and best of all, no leftover residue!


I’m hugely impressed with both products. I’ve been using these for a month now and I’m only just running out. I’m 100% going to be repurchasing. These are definitely some of the best conditioners and shampoos I’ve tried in a long time! My hair feels very velvety, looks much better and smells divine.

Make sure to check out if you’re interested in discovering more about the range!

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts on them? Or are you happy with your current hair shampoos an conditioners?