Good afternoon lovelies!

For the last year I’ve been living in boots and converse and can’t remember the last time I wore a pair of ballet pumps or sandals. So since my 21st was coming up and I couldn’t make it into Primark I took it upon myself to find some affordable shoes and treat myself to them.

I was browsing New Look and they had a huge selection for me to choose from which weren’t too expensive. They also have a range of wide fitting shoes which interested me because I have very wide feet and find it difficult to find a pair of flat shoes that fit well and feel comfortable. So I had a good look around their website and popped 4 pairs of wide fitting shoes into my basket along with two normal fitting pairs.











I’m really impressed with everything, especially the wide fitting shoes. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of shoes that fit my feet so well. I went onto live chat and cheekily asked for a little discount and they gave me some money off my order which was very lovely of them. I can’t fault New Look and their customer service.

I also picked up a skirt which was very pretty and in the sale section for only £7.00.  I fell in love with the adorable floral pattern. The skirt is still available to buy here: if you’d like one for yourself!


Overall I’m very happy and now have new shoe wardrobe that I will get plenty of use from!


Good morning guys!

Imperial Leather Foamburst body washes are something which have only really caught my attention in the last few months. I’d never taken notice of them before but over the last few months I’ve seen Foamburst continuously popping up over social media with lots of people talking about how amazing they are, so I was really interested in trying them out.

The price for a can of Foamburst is £3.15 which is a little on the pricey side for Imperial Leather since personally, they have never really been a brand that have stood out and amazed me. But luckily Boots had a great offer on which was 2 cans of Foamburst for £4.00 and before I knew it I had put two into my basket.

I decided to go for the Honey and Almond body wash and Rebalancing Green Tea and Jasmine body wash as most of the other fragrances which I loved the sound of were out of stock *sobs into pillow* WHY DO THIS TO ME BOOTS? HOW CAN THE INTERNET BE OUT OF STOCK? *sobs even harder into pillow*

I’m currently using the Green Tea and Jasmine Foamburst so my review will be based on my experience with this.

Unlike the typical plastic body wash containers, Foamburst comes in a sleek and smooth black can which holds 200ml of product. These cans are shaped perfectly with a slight curve in the middle so you can get a good grip on them even with wet hands whilst you’re showering.

The can has an aerosol type top which you simply press down on to release the product. Oh my god, this was so much fun to try out for the first time. One spray releases a clear and firm gel which after a few seconds turns into a fluffy and light ball of foam. You then massage it into damp skin and it feels incredible. The foam thickens up and distributes over my skin extremely well. A little of this product goes a very long way and you’re left with a soft and creamy foamy heaven that really leaves you feeling squeaky clean and adds a touch of luxury to your everyday shower.

The only thing that disappointed me with this product, was the fragrance. There wasn’t much of a smell when using this particular one, just a slight hint of jasmine but that was all I could smell. I think this could just be because green tea and jasmine are quite delicate fragrances, so maybe my experience with other Foamburst will be better if I opt for a stronger and bolder fragrance.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with my purchase. And I definitley think Foamburst will be a regular item in my shower routine.

Have you tried them? Or do you prefer other brands?

foamburst foamburst 1


Good morning everybody!

I own a few of the matte lipsticks by Kate Moss for Rimmel but shade 101 is by far my favourite colour. A light, dusky and smooth soft pink which is natural enough to wear during the day without being too in your face but striking enough to catch peoples attention.

The pigmentation in 101 is incredible. One swatch delivers an opaque and velvety finish and from here onwards you can continue to build up the colour for a more intense pink without the lipstick becoming cakey or dry on your lips.

I wouldn’t say the lipstick is completely matte, probably more semi matte as there is a little glow after applying but this doesn’t take away from the beauty of the lipstick.

I can happily wear this lipstick for 3 or so hours before it wears off, so longevity isn’t too bad for the price. I find that the lipstick tends to fade from my lips instead of going all uneven and blotchy like others have done in the past which is great because you’re not left with a strange unattractive lip look.

The price of these lipsticks are around £5.49 each and while they are certainly not cheap, they are affordable and are worth every penny because they deliver such a delightful finish.

Overall, I would highlight recommend these to all you beauty lovers. Especially if you’re a lipstick junkie.

kate moss scbf 1 Kate Moss scbf jATE  MOSS Kate Mosss sswatch


Hi guys!

I’m sorry that I have been missing in action for a while. About a month or so ago, my camera decided to stop working so I decided to take a break from blogging for a while as I’m not a fan of blogs with no personal pictures involved. The good news is, I got a new camera this morning so I’m ready to get stuck back in and share with you some of my latest purchases!

I adore all things shabby chic. I especially like shabby chic when it has a modern feel to it.. and as I was browsing around Home Bargains and Poundstretcher I came across lots of beautiful decor I just had to buy.

I love places like Home Bargains and Poundstretcher as they offer a huge variety of items at affordable prices. Their home ranges just blow me away as you really wouldn’t expect them to sell such amazing products that are so budget friendly!

Most of the items I am going to show you were purchased less than a week ago but if I include something which was purchased further back I will let you know under the picture.

So, enough rambling and here we go:


This owl plaque was only £3.99 and looks incredible by my fireplace!

The candle is from Primark and was £1.00 and the Willow Tree figurine was purchased from Argos about a year ago, I’m unsure of the price and whether or not it is still available.


Next up from Home Bargains is this stunning metal wall decor LOVE sign. It was priced at £11.99 but when scanned it turned out it was only £8.00 which I was delighted with. I love the 3D effect it gives and the cute flower pattern.


I adore this floral heart frame which is from Poundstretchers and had a price tag of £9.99. It is quite big and holds 6 photos and is really well built. This is probably one of my favourite purchases in a long time.

To give you a better idea of the size I thought I would include this picture:


The bird design wall decor which is in the centre is from Home Bargains and I don’t think it is available in store anymore as I bought it last year and couldn’t see it when when I was looking around last week. It was only around 10 pounds. I think these three pieces of wall decor really compliment each other beautifully and make a really bold statement wall.


I bought this simple wall plaque from Poundstretchers for £1.99 and hung it above my bed. It’s very cute and adds a small, sweet and soft look to my very plain bedroom.


This vintage looking lampshade with diamond and leaf detail cost £12.99 from Poundstretchers. For the price I was shocked because you expect to pay at least £30.00 or more for something like this elsewhere.

The vanilla diffuser was bought back in November 2013 from Poundstretcher for 5 pounds and has lasted so well, still around half left and has a scent that is strong enough to fill a small room. I’m unsure if they still stock them but if you do ever see them in store I would pick one up as they are worth every penny. I actually got one from Primark not even a month ago and it ran out within 3 weeks and the scent was a bit strange but this one has lasted for about 5 months is still going strong!

The silver diamond frame is also from Poundstretcher and was bought back in November 2013 for around 1 pound. They still have these in store and are available in different sizes.


This welcome hanging sign is from Poundstretcher and was priced at £1.99. I bought this a few months ago but this product is still in stores and comes with different words in the middle like love, home etc


This is a small strong cardboard paper bin and is from Home Bargains. The price was only 2 or 3 pounds and it is very pretty and does the job pretty well. I bought this in November 2013 but they are still in store and they also have a light pink version too if you don’t like the white colour.


Next up is this very striking blue, white and grey floral style rug from Poundstretcher. Price is £9.99 for this beauty. I have had a rug in a similar style from Poundstretcher before but sadly I have had to move it into a different room as our puppy managed to ruin it with his muddy paws so a new rug was needed and as soon as I saw this one I fell in love and I shall make sure that Dobby doesn’t manage to ruin this like he did with the previous one.


I thought I would include this wooden heart sign which is from Primark and was around 3 pounds. I got this a month ago so I’m unsure whether it is still in store. There is also a cute white owl decoration hanging on the nail which is a gift from Amazon. Again, I think this was only around 3 or 4 pounds.


So there is my post for today and I hope you enjoyed it. I’m very glad to be logged back into my account and blogging again. I will make sure I catch up on lots of your blogs I may have missed in my WordPress reader.

Where do you shop for affordable homeware? Do you like any of the items I purchased?


Hi everybody!

Before I start my review I would just like to apologise to any family reading as this might be a little strange to read from me as I’m not really open about what kind of lingerie I wear.. so I’m sorry if what you’re about to read makes you uncomfortable *blushes*

If you’re not aware already, Mio Destino is the perfect shop for us women to pick up lots of exquisite lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery, swimwear and even more!  The lovely people at Mio Destino offer designer lingerie from top European brands, a five star service with FREE delivery, FREE returns and price matching. Orders are packaged discreetly and have a luxurious feel about them.

I was offered the Mio Classic Sun Goddess black and gold bra with the matching black and gold shorts which is a very dazzling and appealing lingerie set.

As you can see the set is rather sensual and I was surprised to find that this belonged in the Classic Range as I think it is more sexy than classic and not something you would wear every day. I feel like the set is a little raunchy and has a bondage feel about it, I think this is because of the harness strap detail. Nonetheless, I fell in love with the set as soon as I saw it and the pictures do not do this lingerie justice at all.


I received the package pretty quickly after being told that it had been dispatched which is always good. The parcel fit straight through my letter box and came in a pleasing and discreet plastic mail bag. When I opened up the bag I found my lingerie was stored in a cute drawstring pouch and straight away I was blown away by the attention that went into this. It makes you feel all happy and like it’s your birthday or something! It really added a lovely touch the lingerie and I was extremely pleased with the way my parcel arrived and how my lingerie was held.

I also found out for larger orders they deliver your lingerie in a box wrapped with a bow. Can you imagine how happy you’d be opening up that parcel?!

The packaging made me think that Mio Destino would be incredible to use if you’re wanting to surprise your partner as the packaging has a lot of pretty detailing about it and is very present like and you wouldn’t have to do any wrapping or waste your money buying boxes/bows/gift wrap to put the lingerie/sleepwear etc  in,  just order what you like and wait for it to arrive in the post and then give it as a present!


The Mio Classic Sun Goddess set is described as a eye catching and radiant lingerie set and I honestly couldn’t agree more. The gold glitter detailing on the bra and the shorts against the sheer black material looks stunning. I decided to go for size 14 bottoms with a 36D bra and the fit was absolutely perfect, no complaints at all from me. They’re really well cut and the quality is fantastic. Sheer but strong and soft but supportive. I love the little detailing on the set like the small little bows placed in the centre of the bra and the sides of the shorts, the gold and sparkly material which shimmers.. they really make this lingerie set very unique.

The Mio Classic Sun Goddess underwired bra retails at £38.50 with the Mio Classic Sun Goddess shorts at a price of £20.75 which may seem a little pricey but I do believe they are worth every penny. I have worn my set around 4 times since receiving and washed it each time after use to see how well the set washes and last and so far I am very impressed. The set feels so comfortable and is very flattering when on.

I’m so in love with this matching set. And if you like the look of it, make sure you check the bra : and the matching shorts here:

Mio Destino offer so much more than just lingerie. Be sure to check them out as they have a huge selection with lots of different sizes and styles and they even have a price matching service! Their website is so easy to use and you’ll find what you’re looking for in no time.

What do you think of the set?

Beauty Adoration

* I would just like to say that this set was given to me free of charge in exchange for a review. However, this does not affect my opinions and everything I have said is my honest thoughts on the service and the lingerie.