Hello everybody! How are you?

It’s that time of the month where I bring to you my £3.00 and under must have item.

One of my favourite things in the world is Game of Thrones (ASOIAF) and if you love the books and you love the TV show, you’re going to love my must have this March!


It’s two phone cases. One with a print of Daenerys Targaryen and another one with Tyrion Lannister. One of my favourite things about these is the print they have, the pictures have a slightly rough textured matte finish which gives them a unique hand painted look. You would never believe that they only cost 99p each with free delivery. The cases are made out of a durable plastic. I’ve dropped my phone a few times since having the cases and there has been no damage which is always a good thing.

Since they ship from China, you do have a waiting time of 2-4 weeks. Mine arrived after around three weeks, but as I’ve said before this is something I can deal with when the prices are so low. I’ve looked around online for a while to find a GoT inspired phone case, but I could never find a case that I loved and the ones I just about liked cost £6.00 upwards which was just a little too expensive for me. I absolutely adore my new phone cases though, and at 99p they were a steal. They have the cases for a selection of phone models so make sure you check out the link!


Who else is super excited for the return of Game of Thrones next month?!


Good evening lovelies :-)

My friend recently started a blog and I’m sharing the blog love and doing a shout out.

https://rainbowjeans.wordpress.com/ is a blog mainly focused around veggie food, but you will also find other snippets of Hannah’s life thrown in too.

An introduction to Hannah

“Not much in life makes me happier than faffing about in a kitchen (any kitchen will do), throwing ingredients together and creating good meals. I like having fun, experimenting with classic dishes and trying out new things. So, here’s my amateur foodie blog! I’ll try and keep you updated with new recipes I’m trying, old favourites and everything in between. I’ll also post about my highly exciting (HA!) life, and things that I adore. A good book, gin, music, cups of tea, the countryside, new cities, musing about love and sex, travelling, art, excellent coffee and films, from old classics to new wonders.”

I thought I’d share some of Hannah’s beautiful pictures which will surely make your mouth water..


If you loved the pictures above, then you’re guaranteed to love Hannah. With easy to follow recipes and instructions and an excellent style of writing, you should make sure you pop by and say hello. Some of her latest blog recipes include kale pesto and a Thai style sweet potato and coconut soup!

You can visit Hannah here: https://rainbowjeans.wordpress.com/


So today I have something very exciting to share with you guys, the lovely people at http://www.toxicfox.co.uk/ are running a fabulous competition that you can all enter. They contacted me and asked if I’d like to create a blog post sharing the competition and also, create a gift guide to show you some beautiful gifts they have for Mothers Day, which will soon be here on the 15th of March.

If you’d like to enter the competition, which is super easy to do by the way! Make sure you keep reading as I’ll put details on how to enter below.. but let’s crack on with the Mothers Day gift guide.

I’ve been lucky enough to have to pleasure of dealing with ToxicFox in the past and I was very impressed. They sell a wide range of gifts for all occasions and their service is outstanding. If you’d like to read some of my previous thoughts on them, check out the blog post I made here: https://beautyadoration.wordpress.com/2014/11/27/the-perfect-christmas-gifts-from-toxicfox-co-uk-and-a-discount/

We all know how difficult it can be finding a gift for Mothers Day. Are you struggling to find something for your glam mum? Your comedian mum? Your wine loving mum? Your baking addict mother? Don’t worry, ToxicFox have it covered with their huge selection of gifts.

Here are some of my favourite picks!

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1. http://www.toxicfox.co.uk/forget-me-not-personalised-bucket
2. http://www.toxicfox.co.uk/personalised-my-family-keyring
3. http://www.toxicfox.co.uk/what-is-a-mum-frame
4. http://www.toxicfox.co.uk/detox-pamper-pack
5. http://www.toxicfox.co.uk/delicious-box-of-macarons
6. http://www.toxicfox.co.uk/personalised-hearts-teacup-saucer

All of these gifts I’ve listed are affordable and in my opinion, a gift worth giving. There is even more just waiting to be discovered on the website, so make sure you go and check it out if you’re needing a gift for the mother figure in your life!




And now, it’s time for the fabulous competition! This competition is open from the 18th of February until the 1st of March. There are 4 chances to win £50.00 to spend on the Mothers Day collection! To enter, it’s very simple, all you need to do is go to http://www.toxicfox.co.uk/gifts-occasion/mothers-day-gifts-1 have a browse around select your favourite gift and then share the link on the social media channel of your choice ( Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest ) using the hashtag #ToxicFox :-) so what are you waiting for?! I wish you lots of luck!

Terms & Conditions can be found here: http://www.toxicfox.co.uk/terms-and-conditions


Good evening lovelies!

Today I’m bringing you my £3.00 and under must have of the month.

I went shopping a couple of weeks ago and came across this beautiful bird cage candle holder from the shop Home & Bargains. Seeing as I love a bargain, have a candle obsession and love all things shabby chic, this was something I could not resist. Priced at only £2.49 I quickly picked it up and added it into my basket.


It’s so pretty and looks lovely on my beside table. It did originally come with some silver and white ribbon attached around the charming crystal bird, but since I put a candle underneath I thought it would be best to get rid of it incase it set alight from dangling near the flame.

Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase. Just to let you know, they also had ones double the size for £2.99 which I really regret not buying! I think I might pick up one of the taller ones if I visit the shop again, as their online website isn’t very good and doesn’t have as much of a selection as in-store does.

What is your £3.00 and under of the month? Do you like mine?


Hello everybody!

I recently received a lovely Ciate Caviar Manicure gift set so that I could create a fun nail design. If you love playing around with your nails then I think you’re going to love this! Make sure you continue reading if you want to know my thoughts..


Ah I can’t explain how much I love Ciate nail polish bottles! Aren’t they just the cutest?

I was sent the Black Pearls set which has a full sized glossy jet blackpolish and a bottle of tiny beautiful dark caviar beads. Also included is an information booklet with application tips and nail design ideas, a plastic tray and a small funnel which both help to collect the tiny caviar beads so none go to waste!

I absolutely love the colour of the polish. It’s mysteriously sweet and feminine and looks incredible with the dark caviar beads. I was very happy to find out that it only took two coats of the black polish for a streak free and smooth opaque finish. After that, I got to work with the caviar beads. First of all I waited until the black polish had dried and I then used a dotting tool which I dipped into some clear gloss and then pressed down in a few areas of my nails to create a polka dot effect. I thought I would completely cover my ring finger to make the most out of the beads. While the clear gloss was still wet, I sprinkled over the caviar beads and this was the result.


I love how easy this set is to use. Within the set is a plastic tray which is very important, while you are sprinkling the caviar beads make sure the plastic tray is underneath to catch any that are falling. This way, you can then use the funnel to pour the beads back into the bottle so you’re not wasting anything. I’ve used caviar beads in the past but usually I’ve had to hoover them up off the floor as without something like the funnel, I’ve been unable to catch all of the beads when trying to do my nails/put them back into a jar. This whole set is pure genius and has really been thought through.

These sets are priced at £18.00 and although they may seem on the pricey side, this set will last you a very long time if used correctly. During the short time I’ve had this, I’ve done two sets of nails with the caviar beads and there was still a lot leftover to use next time. The funnel is very convenient and also fits in other nail polish bottles and can be used with other caviar beads/small nail decorations to prevent them from going to waste.

Thanks Ciate for letting me try this set out and I hope you like the nails! If you’d like more information make sure you check out the link below:


They also have a small range of different colours. I’m thinking of purchasing the Lemon Fizz one as the colours are perfect for Spring and Summer and I love all things pastel!

Have you tried this or created a caviar look in the past?